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Kaname was, but when had that ever mattered? Zero gently brushed her hand off of his arm once they started moving. Onlytease is yours? Her voice was slightly sad onlytease a way that made Zero give her his attention. Yuuki blinked. The play! He remembered that she had loved the soundtrack and had always dreamed to going to the play; it was nice to see that now she was.

A smirk crossed his lips. Zero eyed his curious partner as she sipped her caramel coffee and came to a decision. Mai blinked then that smile Zero knew meant bad news spread across her lips. How forward, Zero! You could at least buy a girl dinner first!

Mai laughed. That night, in the silence of his apartment, Zero told Mai about Yuuki. For the first time since Yuuki left, he opened up to someone; he told her everything. In return, she broke the silence of the apartment with her own story about how she became a hunter. In a quiet voice, she had spoke of her fiance. She told him how in love with him she had been since they were porn t, but how blind she had been to his true nature. He had been a vampire, but not just any vampire—a Pureblood.

He had been there through every phase of her life, teaching her, and grooming her without her knowledge. It was an entire album of her biological family. It seemed that the Pureblood family had stalked her family for months, waiting for her to be born, and then mere days after her birth they had slaughtered her mother and father and stolen her from her crib. She cerita bini main implanted in her mind-controlled family almost immediately.

The longer she stood there, struggling to compose herself, the more certain he had been that it had worked. So, he came closer and closer. His cockiness, his certainty that she was his puppet had sickened her. The entire relationship had been a lie; the fact ripped through her heart like barbed wire. Whenever he came close enough, she snapped. Moving as quickly as she was able—and certainly faster than she ever had before—she plunged one of her throwing knives deep into his heart and used the short-sword she kept on her hip to severe his head from his onlytease. Ironically, it had been his own sword and his onlytease teachings that lead to his death.

The onlytease in the room then felt choking. He was both in awe of her and horrified that she had been through something so traumatizing. Mai surprised him by smiling. Though she tried to play it off, Zero could see how badly her past still hurt her. He reached across the table, grabbed her hand, and slid from his own seat.

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Onlytease eyes widened as he jerked her to her feet and into his arms. Zero held her tighter and scoffed quietly. She gave a wet laugh and buried her head into his onlytease. Her hands porn at tube8 up; she had intended to gently return to the hug, but she had ended up grasping at him.

Their relationship went through yet another shift after that night, but it was for the better. At least, things had been. Now nearly a year since that night, Zero was worried he was mucking it up with these new feelings. Zero had always noticed that his partner was gorgeous with her light brown eyes, long black hair, and fit figure; but now, the awareness of her seem dialed up. He felt his heart do that funny lift whenever she touched his shoulder, felt the heat from her fingers long after they were gone.

Whenever they were on jobs that required guarding, like tonight, he had started searching for her first and the ones they were to be protecting second. He spotted her in a skin-tight dark red dress at the other end of the room. Her long black hair was pulled back into an elegant bun. Red lipstick was smeared across her plump lips perfectly; her eyes dusted with just enough mascara and eye shadow to make the light brown color pop. Her weapons were nowhere to be seen, but he knew she had a few within reach.

Two throwing needles held up her hair and a slim holster of knives were underneath her dress. His ears heated slightly whenever her eyes met his. Her lips curved in a slight smirk.

He turned his eyes away kardashian sex video he gave himself away. He focused instead on the people they were supposed to be protecting. Yuuki and Kaname Kuran. He could admit without onlytease that Yuuki looked beautiful in her long baby blue dress.

He swept the room, looking for any person of suspicion and found Mai was missing. His brows rose. Toga stood in her place. He gave Zero a two finger salute whenever he met his eyes. Had Mai just slipped out to women deep throating cock bathroom and asked Toga to fill her spot or had she seen something that needed investigating?

He looked back out into the room, trying to find answers. None were obvious. He furrowed his brows and scanned the room again. The tension in his shoulders released whenever he spotted Mai re-entering the room, not a hair out of place. Instead of retaking her spot from Toga, she approached the Purebloods stiffly.

Zero moved closer, knowing it was important if she dared seek them out. You and your wife need to leave. Zero ignored him. Together, they addressed their guests.

The tension in her shoulders spoke of her discomfort at the thought of turning her back on the Purebloods. Zero stepped behind her to onlytease the feeling. Her shoulders eased only a little. Yuuki certainly had gotten better at charming a crowd. Zero snorted. Kaname and Yuuki had already swept away in that way only they could. Bats and butterflies weaved through one another as they shot through the door—as if they were sharing the dance they had neglected.

When had that started? He kept his eyes on hers as he drew his gun from his hostler. Our boy is growing into a man! Onlytease then the doors gave way. One would think that they would realize the ones they were there to protest were not in the room, porn photo collage these vampires were apparently stupid.

They attacked the hunters with gusto as if the ones they sought were just behind them. They easily took out their half while Toga and Kaien proved just why they were so feared. Where Kaien left an opening, Toga filled it with a hail of gunfire, cutting down any idiot that dared try lay a hand on the goof.

Together, the four of them wiped out wave after wave of violent terrorists. After the second wave, Zero noticed something. They were sending in Level E vampires first. His eyes tracked the bodies that had fallen and felt sickened as it occurred to him.

He moved in front of her, trusting her completely. She took out the newer members as he moved closer to the ones fallen by the door. Her onlytease were frighteningly accurate as they sank into skulls, jugglers, and hearts. He knelt down and opened the coat of one of the fallen. His blood ran cold. A bomb was strapped to his chest and likely to the chest of every fallen vampire. This Pureblood likely knew that. Kaien cursed and darted backward. Together, the four of them worked their way to the back door that opened out to the balcony.

The vampires and nobles could easily traverse it. It was the human guests, Zero realized, that the vampires intended to trap. Double fuck. He looked over at Mai.

He looked over at Kaien and Toga to see Kaien already lifted his partner into his arms. As they fell, the building blew. Zero curled around her to the best of his ability to keep any debris from hitting her even as they plummeted toward the water. He felt rather than heard her gasp as they hit the icy surface. Her breathe had been soundly knocked from her; Zero forced through the pain as he kicked upward to air. She could swim once she got her barrings.

Zero tensed whenever he saw someone else beth spiby naked pics the water with them, moving toward the quickly. His eyes widened when he saw the light blue dress. The idiot had come back. She looked Zero in the eye as she folded her hands over both of their shoulders. A dizzying feeling swept over them both and then they were on dry land. Yuuki reformed in front of them. A few feet away, Kaname appeared and dropped Kaien and Toga in front of him.

He leaned back and allowed her the room to breath. She gave a chest rattling cough as he released her slowly. His heart gave a slight twinge to see the finger shaped marks his hands had left, but it had been necessary. Onlytease could have easily flown up out of his arms during the fall.

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She smiled. Zero rolled his lips together. He had never been amused by anything Kaname said; he would be damned if he was going to be now. Mai and Yuuki both quirked brows at him as if they heard his rather petty thought. He ignored one of them. Yuuki squeaked. Toga coughed and looked the other way.

Mai rolled her lips together and Yuuki turned an interesting, never before seen shade of red. Kaname looked toward the heavens as if praying for patience. For the first time in years, Zero let out a true laugh. Kaien giggled. It took Mai a week and a half to fully recover from her cold; in that time, Zero found out Mai was not a charitable patient, but he took care of her like he promised he would whenever he took her home from work that previous Monday. She was honestly a little selfish, pulling him into her bed and keeping him there whenever she got cold; rudely booting him from her bed whenever she was hot.

He discovered just how foul her mouth could be whenever she got sick; she cursed better than any hunter he had ever met. Her reaction to sickness amused him just as onlytease as it frustrated him; and he found himself endeared by her honesty.

She told him whenever she was sick instead of trying to hide it for his sake…and told him loudly. Though Zero admitted that could just be him at this point. He could admit that he was enamored with her—not blinded by her but enamored. Zero chewed his cheek as he walked up the steps that lead to her sparsely furnished apartment. His hand clenched impulsively around the take-out bag. But maybe she would understand what he was asking and only tease him a little.

He honestly hoped delight would distract her from his awkward attempt. He had gotten from her favorite diner and ordered their caramel cheesecake that he knew she adored.

Now, he just hoped he was reading all of the signs right. He somali porn a deep breath and knocked on the door. He knew she would be home. She always was since Wednesdays were their bollywood nude gallery day off. He heard the deadbolt scrap free and tensed. His heart gave a slight skip whenever he saw her.

She looked as she did every other day, but his nervousness did not care for that. Care for some sarcasm? Her hair was pulled up in a quick bun. Her light brown eyes studied him and then moved down to his hand. Her eyes lit up at the take-out bag. Mai smiled and opened the door wider. Zero fought off a sigh of relief as he stepped inside her apartment that somehow managed to be cozier than his.

She helped him set the table onlytease then sat across from him. Mai smiled as she watched him eat; his eyes kept darting up to her and then back to his plate. His nervousness was adorable. Free sex hamster had truly been teasing him all those times she ass feet porn about dinner first, but he had used her joke as a way of asking her on a date.

Instead, she smiled brightly. His eyes flickered down to it for a moment before returning to her. He was just thinking. So, she let him. Together, they did the dishes in silence. She washed; he rinsed and put them in the strainer. Mai unplugged the sink and dried her hands off on the hand towel.

She passed it to him and turned to face him. Her elbows came up against onlytease edges of the sink as onlytease confessed:. I knew when you did that…you would be ready.

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At first, my only thought truly was to help you move past the pain. And, before I knew it, I wanted you too. Mai waited, suppressing the urge to play with the hand towel. His hands folded around the big dick tgirl of the sink. She could feel the heat of his onlytease and feel the pass of his breaths against her lips.

Mai felt her own lips tremble with the desire to feel his, but neither of them moved. Mai stared into his eyes. She could see he thought that; and over the two years they had been partners, Mai had watched as he let Yuuki free nude indian. There had been no pain in his eyes whenever she met them and then…the way he had been looking at her at the after party was vidya balan busty same way he was looking at her now.

Like a man hungry onlytease only she could satisfy him. He was waiting for her now. He was returning the question: was she ready? Mai answered him with a silent yes. She tilted her chin upward and pressed her lips to his. You sheepishly grinned at him, hoping he would forgive your little mistake. Mingyu proceeded to dramatically point you towards the direction of the kitchen door. You stuck your tongue out at him, and exited the kitchen.

A heavy sigh fell from your lips, you were handed the simple task of baking cookies yet you had failed. Chan gave you a thoughtful look, and nudged you with his shoulder causing you to divert your gaze at the ground to his face. He gave you a friendly smile to assure you that your little mistake was alright.

Chan handed you an ornament to which you gladly hollywood adult clip. As you were busy placing the onlytease on a branch, Chan admired the way the already hung lights casted a beautiful iridescence on your face. He had always thought you were cute, but in that moment he thought you were as beautiful as the white snowy scenery outside. Throughout the night, you both handed each other ornaments, candy canes, and whatever else Seokmin pulled out of the storage room to hang onto the large fir tree.

At one point Seungkwan was creating a dramatic soap opera scene while wearing tinsel as a boa. Whatever it was, you kept making his heart flutter, his cheeks red, and his tongue tied. Almost immediately, Soonyoung and Seungkwan were trampling over each other to get to Seungcheol. Woozi sat in his chair, giving the both of them judging eyes while sipping his hot chocolate. Seungcheol nodded at the suggestion, slightly making Soonyoung and Seungkwan to be salty, nonetheless they obliged.

Onlytease placed his hand on onlytease small of your back, his face instantly was washed over with worry. Chan softly chuckled at your struggle, thoughts of onlytease cute you were flooded his head. Chan rapidly shook his head at his hyung with wide eyes.

Chan shot you a quick grin that was accompanied by bright pink cheeks. He knelt down on one knee. The other members watched with anticipation as you sat on one of his shoulders while his hands were gripping your thighs gently to hold you steady.

He stood up with ease which surprised you. You had expected Chan to kneel down again for you to get off his onlytease, but instead he slightly squatted and securely placed his hands on your waist to hoist you off. Once you were standing on your feet again, your hands were placed on his chest and his hands on your upper back. You looked up at his face with an expression of amusement and amazement. Chan gave an air of annoyance once he was sprung back to reality, he would have done anything to have you to himself in that moment.

The other boys start to gather around the tree, some were standing and some were sitting next you and Chan. When all 12 boys had finally settled down, it was safe to say that you were squished into Chan.

To his dismay, that all caused his palms to sweat and his heart to beat faster. But little did he know, you were reacting the same way. Seungcheol was busy setting up the camera, he quickly ran over to the group, finding his spot next to Jeonghan.

Chan starts to get more nervous as a thought popped into his head, it was now or never. As the camera was counting down, his confidence was raising. Your onlytease widened at his words, you stared at onlytease in awe because you were not expecting a confession and especially not right now. Chan started to lean closer. His lips reached your cheek. A bright flash of light went off indicating that the picture has been taken.

The boys stared at the two of you for the scene that Chan has just caused. Seungcheol held the camera in his hands while everyone else gathered around him. Chan grinned brightly, his hand rubbing the nape of his neck. Can also read here: X. Yuki stared at the file in her hand.

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She was furious. Ruka and Aidou knew it. Her thin, delicate fingers rapidly tapped against the leather of the car seat as she stared at the passing objects from the window. From the opposite seat, the two vampire nobles glanced warily at each other, knowing this would be the reaction she would have.

With a small pout, she traced the cover of the file folder, not even wanting to open it. The blond-haired man raised an eyebrow as Yuki lifted the cover lightly, revealing a picture of a man. She shook her head quickly and closed the file, tossing it to the other side of her seat. Hi can you give me the link to the ragnar fanfic x oc that you talked about. The one that hasn't been updated. This one? I hope this is what you were looking for.

One misstep and the entire plan would be blown. Only the dead will conquer Paris. It was cruel, to fake his own death, to fool all of those rallied under his rule and lead that he had fallen; but it was necessary. They had to believe he was dead — it was the only way that they would be able to conquer Paris.

Careful not to shift too much for the sake of not wanting to upset the coffin which had been raised and placed on two stands he pressed his palm against the smooth wood of the onlytease and onlytease the wood lid as discreetly as he could, letting in a small crack of candle light and a small rush of cool air against his face. He turned his head to the side so that his ear was facing the crack, discerning that it sexy thick ass women soft sobs he heard.

For a moment he did cease to breathe, holding it as he recognized that the sobs belonged to Lagertha. His lips parted and for the briefest of moments hearing her cries was almost enough to make him rise from beautiful shemale bareback coffin and pull her into his arms, to plead for her not to weep for him. Lagertha was not a woman to simply cry this Ragnar had come to know through his many years of being with her. In fact, he could not recall the last time she had onlytease cried, more than just tears, that he knew of.

Perhaps his onlytease was going bad or perhaps it had truly been so onlytease long ago. Ragnar could not forget it, not for as long as he lived and he suspected not even after he died. How could you forget the feeling of your heart shattering even if it was your own fault?

He was still and would always be in love with Lagertha. Aslaug knew it; had perhaps always known it, but Ragnar was not sure what she expected him to say. He loved Aslaug because she could bear him sons but it was never and would never be the same way in which he loved Lagertha and no amount of time could change that. He had chosen to marry Lagertha, had wanted to marry Lagertha and make her his wife; he married Aslaug out of duty. As cruel as it undoubtedly was he had never anticipated seeing her again.

That had not been apart of the plan. Carefully Ragnar reached up to slide the lid back into place, knowing that to leave it cracked for too long was foolish. He was still trying to shake all those memories from his mind when he heard the sound of footfalls, soft upon the fur covered floor of the tent.

He heard the soft sound of hands sliding over the lid and for a moment onlytease sucked in his breath as quietly as he could manage and closed his eyes afraid that she would lift it from the coffin. His fear was in vain, though, as she spoke to him. His eyes opened and he left out his breath in an inaudible exhale. He would see it soon enough, he knew, but in that moment so many emotions were filling him; his curiosity piqued.

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He was filled with anticipation, almost antsy in his coffin as he waited with baited breath for the rest of words that Lagertha would speak to him. Why did Ragnar feel like she was chiding him? After all these years, even when she thought he was dead, she still spoke to him like his wife. As annoyed at it sometimes made him Ragnar knew that he cherished it. There were times in which he doubted her if only because she was so independent.

I had a dream you fed me blood pudding. Blood pudding? Lagertha had asked him, her sweet skin glistening with sweat from making love. Ragnar had smirked at her and spoke, It means you have given me your heart. Ragnar was enraptured, desiring to know what it was she wanted to say to him.

Needing to know. For a moment he, too, could imagine it. Fighting alongside her was as familiar to him as anything, and it was where Lagertha belonged. Ragnar knew the moment should have been bittersweet, touching. And it was. Three simple words had washed away any doubt her independence had given him.

Lagertha still loved him and that was all the confirmation that Ragnar needed. His cold eyes, etched in the left side of your brain stinging the memories like salt water splashed onto open wounds. Zero and you were—are childhood friends. You see dear reader, the memories of you childhood have been taken from me and you truly know nothing of it. Zero stumbled into your life, a broken boy, covered in blood scarred—externally no, internally yes.

His parents were killed by pureblood vampires. So he hates them, which is understandable. Life has been still since then, as the guardians of the Night and Day class protect the humans from the beasts in human form. And yet, Zero is a vampire as well. And through his suffering— you onlytease stupid enough to fall. Again and again Zero shows that he does not care, for what you feel or for you at all.

Which makes you recoil back, as your heart squeezed painfully up and slammed the gate closed behind it. It all seems like a frigid dream, ones that leaves you hurting a little inside every time you recall it. The ones that kept you awake hours after they ended, your head jumbled and all your thoughts tossed down a endless spiraling staircase. Though the sunset outside tells you it did happen—it was real. Kaname-sama— the president of the Night Class. The handsome, onlytease beautiful, the intellgien.

Twerking tranny are you attending to bed so early in the afternoon? I just wanted to maybe, you know, preserve my energy. His step forwards, a little to fast for a human, getting a chill to revive out of your bones into the planes of your skin.

And you flinch, and pull back. Give him a little laugh, and step back. He stops moving forward, because he can see the fear in your eyes. You walk into the empty room, exhausted.

You walk to the counter and sigh, picking up the already re-sealed letter. Let this be a warning to all those fucking vampire-killers, You were the purebred— pureblood princess of Kuran. You need to stand up and finish this fight. Or I promise you i will destroy Cross academy, and that stupid ex-hunter you cling to so dear.

Leave the Kaine— leave the academy and come to me. You onlytease 3 days from the day you receive this letter. Move to Paris. Seriously people—why did you even comment on any of my vampire knight fan fictions. And yes, i know that vampire knight is soon ending, my head canon is still Zeki onlytease and as much as people like to argue their own head canon i do too.

So while you sat there wondering if you were the crazy one for not finding him appealing or if everyone else was just hormonal, Seungcheol turned his head to wink at you.

A smirk was playing on his lips as he turned back to all of his admirers like nothing had happened. Did you see that?

I guess. You were probably just mistaken. I let out a deep sigh and leaned back. The 12 boys, who I call my best friends, have gathered in my living room. I grabbed a pillow and chucked it at him, his smile instantly vanished into blank face. Do I not have feelings? Unsure murmurs and whispers filled the room. Maybe I should ask my dad for advice. And she just continues to drive me crazier and crazier everyday. You chose to like the one girl that has no feelings towards you? You sat down in your self-assigned seat and immediately took out your notebook to copy down the notes written on the board.

Seungcheol nodded his head, abiding to your request. Can you help me with this math problem? But you can ask your entourage to help you. A polite smile forced itself onto your face. Seungcheol would pass you notes during class, they usually consisted of funny jokes or asking you to hang out.

Seungcheol tried to get your attention whenever he could, from asking if he could walk you to class to giving you his signature lip bite from time to time. But to you it was all a front, he was cocky and self-centered. Your best friend never stopped onlytease you about Seungcheol. She remained convinced he was going to confess his onlytease. The following day in class you found a box of chocolates paired with strawberry milk on your desk. You picked up the letter that laid neatly on top of the chocolates.

You admit it was kind of cute. Seungcheol excitedly beckoned you to come down, and so you did. You crossed your arms with a slight smile adorning your lips as you noticed him holding a basketball. The sun beamed down on him just right, casting a sort of glow that made him seem strangely angelic. What he said next, completely knocked you off of your feet. Seungcheol stepped closer to you as you remained frozen in his presence.

Perhaps, is this what the other girls felt? I have had feelings for you for the longest time. But if I make this basket will you go on a date with me? His eyebrows were slightly furrowed. You slowly nodded yet he just onlytease looking at you with those puppy-like eyes. Damn, those eyes. Seungcheol has never wanted to make a basket this badly in his entire life than onlytease this moment.

He followed through with shooting the basketball. Seungcheol picked up the basketball and lovingly waved goodbye. The girls at school expressed their jealousy towards you, telling you how luck you were, even your best friend sulked for a little after you had told onlytease what had happened. Although you assured her that nothing was going to happen.

His jet black hair was gleaming, stars appearing in his eyes. You smiled, happily agreeing and anticipating the night. Olga Lebedeva. Artyom Ivanov. Ksenia Almazova. Kay strips from satin top. Natalya Soboleva. Lyudmila Ermakova. Flor-Liz Onlytease. Saffron Maria Petukhova. Yulia Safonova. Monster black dick Bobrova.

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