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He laid it in and caught me right underneath the chin, and if you ever see it again, you'll watch and see me raise right up off my toes before I went down and I was pretty groggy by the time I went through the window.

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Creating a crossover moment in popular culture that fans would still reference "and make shirts about" more than a quarter century later was not something Michaels admits he rachel skarsten topless in mind when the cameras turned on, saying "you just never know" what will resonate with people.

But as a trainer with NXT these days, Michaels said he uses The Barber Shop moment and the way in which he infused real-life emotions into the segment as a teaching tool. Nine times out of 10, if it is something that is real and is something that is authentic, I think fans can see that and I think fans know gif difference. They want to get to know you and feel michaels you shawn feeling and go through what you are going through.

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But it's a risk to do that and I think that's one of the things that the generation Gif was in sort of stumbled upon during all those nights on Monday Night Raw because it was live. He has written and hosted various podcasts and digital shows for Michaels Brooke haven pictures Bio. Up next:. Our Latest Stories. Raw recap: Rollins punishes Mysterio Rollins continued his push for 'progress' on Raw by taking out Mysterio. Hulk is notorious for lying when it suits him still, I don't think it justifies Shawn fucking up the match just because shawn was pissed off What a tremendous thread and gifs.

I No Kung Foo. Fuck hogan and his ego Is overselling an insult? At Hogan's advanced age in this gif, if HBK decided to shoot, could he take him?

That was almost a corkscrew senton in the last gif.

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I wish he'd just used that as a move. You guys know professional wrestling is fake right?

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Overselling is a bit if an understatement. You've got to be athletic as hell to do some of those moves.

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I always thought Michaels was fun to watch. I don't get it, ric flair did this invisible after acting shit in the 80s.

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He use to walk across the fucking ring before he fell. To an average guy, it looks like hogan made Michaels go retarded he hit him so hard.

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The only people insulted are the 3 guys that think the shit is real still. The last gif is fucking hilarious! You must be logged in to post.