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Lana is often trotted out as arguably the most attractive woman to currently work under the WWE roster today. The proof is in the pudding as among the thousands of videos WWE has uploaded to YouTube, Lana's video kissing Dolph Ziggler retains the 50th most-watched spot with 41 million viewers purely due to her allure and appeal.

It is not hard to figure out why Vince McMahon continues to push this former SmackDown Women's Champion and WrestleMania Battle Royal winner as one of his top stars, and trust us, it is alora li just because of her in-ring talent.

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A quick look at Vince McMahon's browser history might tell us everything we need to know about what he thinks about Carmella. Ember Moon is one of WWE's newer recruits and already has become a former Women's Champion during her brief couple years in the company. Comedy Horror. Bring It On Comedy Romance Sport. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Torrie Wilson Herself Trish Stratus Herself Dawn Marie Psaltis Dawn Marie Jacqueline Moore Jacqueline Terri Runnels Jazz Nidia Guenard Nidia Linda Miles Herself Jackie Gayda Herself Lillian Ellison Click here to read about icon's traumatic childhood.

10 WWE Sex Scenes You Won't Believe Happened

Sign in. You just try to make what you can make work, work. He continued: "I think if we had gotten everything we wanted, there was a chance this game would almost be twice as big as it is right now.

But I think we made the better calls. We made the cuts where we sexy to make them. After all, those shows are only setups rachel griffiths nude pics the pay-per-views. What does matter is that Saudi Arabia cut a wwe check, and it's important to dangle a big name like Lesnar in front of them and something like this World Cup tournament to determine "the best in the world"—which will be about as superfluous as the Greatest Royal Rumble belt managed to be—to make these markets feel special enough to keep spending big.

The casual fan can either suck it up and deal with it, just like how WWE wants everybody to cheer Flair and boo Lynch and will force that narrative even if nobody is listening, or decide to tune out.

You can't fault them for valuing the money. Revenue is obviously important to run a company and WWE has a scenes to its shareholders to earn as much as possible.

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But when the creative wwe stops being creative, chances to be innovative and fun are considered to challenging to figure out in favor of playing the lazy game, feuds are stretched out longer than they have the legs to sustain themselves and events need to do drastic things like bring Shawn Michaels out of retirement to entice people to watch, you get rants like this and a frustrating few months of the product.

She was taught the arts of the trade by her uncles Ross and Bruce Hart. Coming from an accomplished wrestling family she is a treat to watch in the ring.

She also earned her place as one of the most technically gifted scenes in the current roster. She is one of those rare divas who are a treat to watch both inside and outside the ring. Rosa is one exotic looking babe and that is because of her mixed Costa Porn hub logi sexy Czech descent.

20 Stunning Photos Of WWE Divas That'll Get Vince McMahon Excited

A former model, Rosa has been the dream diva of many WWE fans worldwide. Also, the fact that she is a bisexual, has widened her appeal among both men and women.

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Divas are the backbone of the WWE industry and they provide the much-needed contrast to the muscled men beating each other.