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Cats star Francesca Hayward shares her favorite dance movie, and picks a classic movie for a musical makeover. Watch now. Title: Selma's Choice 21 Jan Selma starts to feel broody, but after taking Bart and Lisa to Duff Gardens, she changes her mind.

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Anime hentai se reason the Simpsons have remained iconic for multiple decades is thanks to episodes like this one that laid the foundation for the show. Homer loving a sour sandwich, to Lisa becoming the a Lizard Queen this episode really showed how the writing staff was really hitting their stride and setting the tone for future episodes.

Hilariously funny and infinitely quotable, After Lisa drinks the water and goes crazy: Man: Take this, then this, then these. Handing Selma pulls Selma: Thank you doctor. Man: Oh, I'm not a doctor. Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

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Parents Guide. She goes sonic xxx pics a psychic who tries to sell her a love potion. The psychic ingests it, blurts out the innocuous ingredients and discovers that she accidentally choice a truth serum. All goes well until Hans tries to kiss her goodnight; Selma envisions herself as the mother of several ugly, blind children and kicks Hans out of the car to prevent that future from happening.

Lisa then suggests to Selma that she go through artificial insemination. When the day comes for Homer to take Bart and Lisa to Duff Gardens, he falls ill from food poisoning after simpsons a hoagie that became selmas days, if not weeks earlier after he took it home from a company picnic.

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In an attempt to give Selma a taste of motherhood, Marge nominates her to take the kids to Duff Gardens while she stays home to look after Homer. After a round of chicken clucks and "Quit it!

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When Lisa takes a sip, she hallucinates, grows violent and paranoid, selmas wanders away from the ride, tripping out to the parade music.

While Selma is looking for Lisa, Bart gets on a roller coaster called The Barrel Roll and choice up having to be rescued after the car stops in the center choice one of the inversions. Lisa is soon found swimming nude in the Fermentarium by some workers and is returned to Selma as Lisa proclaims "I am the Lizard Queen!

After Bart simpsons Lisa return home, Selma decides she can live without children for now and adopts SelmasGladys' pet iguana. Writer David Stern said he wanted to go back to a "Patty and Selma episode", because it was sustained so well when he wrote " Principal Charming ". In simpsons episode, they are noticeably larger.

During an interview with David Letterman, Young said she was working in quality control at a potato chip factory, and collected potato chips that looked like, amongst other things, famous people.

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Though research is usually done when real languages are used on the show, [4] the language heard on Selma's ham radio is fictional. The episode title is a take on the film Sophie's Choice. Marge's flashback of her and her sisters swimming in a lake is based on The Prince of Tides.

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ballerina cameltoe Homer and Bart start to sing " Ding-Dong! Duff Gardens is a parody of Busch Gardensoriginally developed as a marketing vehicle for the Anheuser-Busch brewing company. Lisa hallucinates after drinking some "water" in The Little Land of Duff and Bart is detained by park security after pantsing a George Washington robot, apparently causing it to malfunction, and faking his height to go on a roller-coaster-type ride he is not tall enough for and needing rescue.

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After these negative experiences caring for Bart and Lisa for a day, Selma proclaims that she can live without children, and adopts Jub-JubGladys' iguana, instead until " Goo Goo Gai Pan ", when she adopts Ling Bouvierbut still keeps Jub-Jub too.

Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Synopsis Selma becomes persistent to test her maternal instincts before having kids of her own by taking Bart and Lisa to Duff Gardens to try out her parenting skills.