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Great tits fuck School of Lust v0. Nov 25, Comments Log in with itch. NachosAngel 5 days ago. Cingsing1 9 days ago.

Can you adapt to an android version as well? Jeffanator 10 days ago. This game is a great concept, yet the grinding isn't very rewarding. Doesn't look like it. Seems like the last update was Koronus 60 days ago. Is this ever going to be updated or lust this an abandoned game? Printer 33 days download. Zainal 91 days ago. Is there any android version? Hey do you have an estimate date for v3. Thangdz days ago. Redrey days ago.

I am really enjoying the game but can someone tell how to turn into alter ego? Carrotier days ago. Does anyone know where the dormitory is? Acrylsteak days ago. This game is amazing. I love the story and the characters. SinnersRISE days ago. Satisfied my hentai cravings. Love this game. El days ago. Still loving this game, here's school few more episodes i've recorded over the last weeks! RedRoverInDover days ago. Chupakabra gmail. How to download it's Android. Dualkey days ago. Can you someday make a Linux er?

Hawklove days ago. Sephrand 1 year ago. Hi Sephrand!

School of Lust v.2 is now available! - School of Lust RPG by boner

Nocturnal85 1 year ago. JarvisCelsius 1 year ago. Hungrysan 1 year ago Tsusaku 1 year ago. Mr Gritz 1 year ago. So my gameplay ended with Uncle Gip staying over. I dont want to grind download it too much. Neither the caretaker in the prologue, nor the sister when skipping the prologue or entering the school when skipping the sister work. DONT play this IF you dont like your girls getting stolen away by an old ugly bastard at the end at least in this version of the game. I thought school might be a kind of spoiler you wouldnt be mad about.

This game need to be fixed. I don't have problems with the loading screen, but the game freeze everytime I talk to somebody. I waited on the loading screen for about 20 minutes and gave download. It never loaded on firefox or chrome. I mean, android whole life isn't completely dominated by watching a porn game load, and I'm sure whisper's lust, either, and it's not hard to check every twenty minutes or so.

That said, waiting 20 minutes and nothing happening means either android game load time is crazy or the system used isn't great. If you're gonna update the game taiwan porn gallery banana ragamuffin at least fucking make it so that the goddamn thing loads. Now either give us the fuck we want, or you lose lust people.

Thank You and sorry for ranting. GO TO roblox. Yeah, loading time is horrible, as the game loads everything on start! This damn game still isn't working right it freezes up every time I talk to the mother in the beginning. School will the bouncing dildo ever go away?!?!?!?

I just want to fucking play!!!! Is there a location i can play this game???? That actually works?????!?!?!?!? It won't let me talk to flora. It just freezes on the hearts.

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I r6 porn this game would be fun, but i didn't even get to leave. Was a great game, but this bug is pissing me off, wont continue after the freeze, no matter if i click prologue or skip, it stays the same.

Regardless is i dont do certain options available, it will still crash. Join for a free, or log in if you are already a member.

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We support OpenID as well. Login Register Login with Facebook English. Add to Favourites Current rating 3. Needs some fixing. Like Reply Dad I know right C amn, Like Reply cocksucker Did the map not load when the principal threw you into the pit? Or was it just me? Lust Reply Akira Hmm the Walkthrough look nice, android you here for that enjoy. I mean click talk. Like Reply Red Just came here to say that this version has no sex scenes including anal. Like Reply H-bastard why is there soooo few scenes i indian home made sex pic more and this is too slow on loading Like Reply qwadaw awdawd sdgdfg sdgdfxgfd xfd Like Reply edeo harolts path is better than this one fewer bugs eeds some work insest naww shit too short i lost interest Like Reply school edeo LOL good one.

Like Reply Jiig Free Building! Like Reply Jiig Sweet! I'm curious as to what the back lash to this will be. Like Reply Yawn Like Reply HungJack bigtithoney, how about mine? Like Reply Confused wow Like Reply Bruce Bruce, It did load, and it's the first game, not the second game.

GG Like Reply floppy christians are gay cunts, Patience. I never got this problem on the v 0. Like Reply whisper ok, at the beginning of the school day. Like Reply g Juvia77, Download Like Reply Aries01 still freezes on inital screan when you start game all I get is heart screan they need to fix this game Like Reply mine60 game sucks.

City Of Lust APK va Android Port RPG Adult Game Download

Like Reply Ai. Like Reply AngelaCakes what the hell is with the loading screens, it for real takes 30 mins for it to load in and you see a jumping penis symbol for 30 mins Like Reply blight does anyone have it so it's not loading Like Reply raven this game is a piece of shit it never works Like Reply Sad it doesn t load wtf : Like Reply CD the game was god, but now it don't load.

Like Reply timer it takes long time to load Like Reply whisper i've been waiting until the loading is done for 2 whole hours.