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And those aren't even close to being the most popular. Syndra r34 was extremly rare before she got couple kiss gif download as a pick. Same was also kinda true Nid before she got really popular after I think S2 Worlds, after the first heal nerfs. Looks is obvious. There are people who like different things so often every character get at least something. Soraka is pretty humanoid and reminds people of Dranai that are quite popular.

Another example would probably be Annie, which hits the Loli Theme. Lol A Champ that has already a sex theme ingame Ahri SuccubusNid RedditJanna ProstitueTrist kindaSoraka happy horn inspires much more content than someone who has nothing to do with that. The Turboslut skins help here hugely. Get your gloves out, son. We settle this like fine gentlemen. I love guyliner. Yeah, I came across it looking for funny rule 34 posts. Was aroused and disappointed, like always.

I'm gay. Makes me sad. I guess you can't, but, likewise, it's hard not to judge Especially if you're super-vanilla like myself and you see everything else rule34 weird or not-normal which it technically is according to the meaning of the word.

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It's weird, isn't it? The visual imagery of homosexual stuff is repulsive to me and it technically isn't normal and biologically standard, yet, I am totally fine with that and I support gay rights and such. I do not recommend using that site. As long as you're a gay ladymwahahaha.

It isn't porn, but I found this to be a very well done piece of male x male LoL art. Yes, I love that artist!

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He did another Darius x Jayce piece that I can't find, but all his art is very well done. From time to time there's some gay content, but it's very uncommon, and the little that is rule34 tends to be downvoted just because some people "don't like it", it's silly I know. You nude bridesmaid pics search through tags though, and you're more than welcome to share whatever you find there!

We're always in need of reddit material there :. You should lol be searching for "League of Legends Bara.

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A quick google search will, um, fulfill your needs. Graves is the most popular subject for LoL bara, followed by Braum. Rule34 is really more for "masculine" big guys the word is a translation of bear. You'd probably get better results for just "yaoi" which defines a broad spectrum of gay porn.

Gay stuff used to be downvoted on that sub, but they've gotten a bit more fair since then. I dont have much luck with women on the outside realm so I need the Ahri hentai to boost my confidence. This one might be for you. One of the best cosplay vids out there. Use of this site constitutes acceptance lol our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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This is a subreddit for comics of rule No pics or gifs just comics. Lewd er manga, but not as lewd as hand holding. Dedicated to girls packing more than you might expect. Hentai is a genre of pornography with Anime or Manga styling.

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We offer a variety of tools and events to assist in the learning process. Please read over our rules section before posting! A subreddit for western erotic art. X-rated art similar in style to the kind of art you would find in a Disney film or Batman comic. For Hentai Animations!