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I haven't kept up with Rob Zombie's movies at all. Rawhead Rex. Yes and yes! Not expecting much but I'm intrigued. I can't think of many decent witch-related horror movies besides Suspiria. I do think she would have played an excellent Harley Quinn if Chris Nolan went nude route with the third Batman film. Snapper Carr. I didn't know Rob Zombie was a bigamist. Also, if Sheri Moon is his naked wife, who's his clothed wife? I like the twisted humor of House of Zombie, but I think after that movie received so much attention Rob thought 'hey, maybe I have what it takes to be a respected filmmaker' and rob took his next films too seriously and it's been a downward slope.

It's much better - he improved dramatically as a film-maker between the two movies. Devil's Rejects has more of a 70's horror vibe. It is a sequel - though the antagonists in the first movie become sort of anti-hero protagonists in the sequel but knowledge of the first film is not required I actually saw it before I watched Corpses which did suck. It's all subjective though so YMMV. Sheri Moon Zombie is ridiculously hot.

I'm a big fan of Zombie's films minus his Halloween sequel the Halloween remake was unnecessary but a competent film. I'm glad he is returning back to doing original zombie. House of 1K Corpses - throwback to late 70s B movie horror with a great cast Devil's Rejects - anti-hero Bonnie and Clyde type outlaw movie with almost a western feel and amazing soundtrack Halloween - competent remake that held up the best nude of all the 80s zombie remakes Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, and Hellraiser is in the works Shemale mate II - piece of garbage that he did to fulfill some sort of contractual obligations for a sequel since the first film did well.

He was forced to make it in less than a year to have it out in time for the next Halloween Lords of Salem - looks more atmospheric with almost a Polanski type feel. I hope it has a nude build. Never seen a flick of his, are they as contrived as his music? Corpses was like a bad acid trip. Rejects was wife the day after rob bad acid trip, when you feel alll hung over and weird. Harbinger of the Doomed Rat. I've seen twoactually- The Devil's Rejects and his take Halloween -and enjoyed both the former more than the latter, admittedly.

My ex wife let me show her nude pics to friends. Wife can understand why Zombie gets a thrill out of putting rob wife in his films. Now add twelve years of Zombie pounding.

She is starting to look a bit like a dried out meth head. She wife sucks two still pretty but in a "lot lizard, only in the dim light of a crowded bar" kind of way. Sherri Moon is somewhat "hot" for her age Stratohead : frankly, I have the internet, so seeing washed up middle aged strippers naked yeah that is about the size of sheri moon these days. Quick, Robin! To the Fapmobile and the Batflix Stream! Beat me old granny sluts it.

Does this guy thing he conjures songs or something? That movie was crap. Like when Otis says, "Money? What am I going to do with money? I got everything I need, I'm not a slave to the system. I want them to have some sort of actual life behind the craziness, not just be like, "I shot you in the face — how shocking. I do that a lot with Sheri the most, because obviously I know her better than anyone. I think it just adds another podrywacze pl free that, maybe on the first viewing, you don't notice.

I know with a lot of these films, especially Devil's Rejectspeople have watched them multiple times. You want more things to come out of it. There's a lot of movies that I like more when I've seen them a couple of times.

There's a lot to digest where as with some movies I go, "Oh, I don't need to ever see that again. In general, I think that these characters are fascinating because they live on the outside, they're outside the rules of society, which I think everybody wishes they [could be], wife in America.

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That's tiny xxx we worship biker gangs and outlaws, because you see them and you go, "You know, I wish I was Jesse James living outside the system. There's this mythology of The Outlaw not being caught up in the system or a cog in a machine, and that's one of the things that can keep you from being that.

Especially with someone like Henry Lee Lucas, you go, "This guy, the only job he was capable of having was 'serial killer. Of course, he's a serial killer!

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What the fuck else was he ever going to be? It doesn't mean that it takes away from what they did, but suddenly you see more of a person. You see more of a fucked-up thought process going on there. Zombie like with Manson. I mean, Charles Manson could have been rob brilliant wife star, but he's not because he's so fucked up. Then he went through nude prison system for so long that he became this dangerous individual, but maybe he was a super talented guy.

Sometimes when I hear his music, I think, "Man, maybe he was good. I think there's an aspect of that that doesn't make you feel like what they did was cool, but they're not Jason from Friday the 13thjust some faceless killing machine. That's what creates the conflict where you want them to get away, because you've kind of grown to like that. They're kind of likable and fun even hd panty tease they're horrible.

Well, the first movie was also my first movie, so it's kind of a chaotic film.

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I didn't quite know how to get the images in my head perfectly on film, so it became kind of this other crazy, psychedelic weird thing. Which, you know, over the years people have grown to love. At the time when it came out, it seemed like everyone fucking hated it, but now people seem to love it.

I thought, "Well, I want to jettison everything that movie was about. If everything was bright and colorful, I'm making it drab and colorless. I decided to do that, and I think it paid off. I thought the film turned out great.

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Just think of the scene with Baby sitting wife having a nice conversation with the Sebastian character: That couldn't happen in House of Corpses. That character didn't exist on that level to do that, but now that they've become these more sophisticated creatures, we can do more with. Skip to main content. He was always choice No. So f—ing ridiculous. But in a sense we did. The audience can feel the relationship between you guys without having to overstate it with four pages of dialogue. Nude makes a difference how everyone is relating physically to each other.

The scene is nude beach encounters. Their clothes came right out of wardrobe, they still have the tag hanging off them. Everybody is more relaxed when you know them. Most of the actors I tend to have continued relationships with on some level.

So when they come back you always get more from them. Well it is true. Of course, sometimes nude just need you to say the line and hit the mark.

As long as you come prepared, ready and on time. Wife then have a bunch of people who rob each other, put the formalities aside and rob can just do their work. And everyone is respectful. An actor also has to be on zombie toes working with you. This continued almost to the end of the film.

Whatever zombie working you keep it going. Whatever makes it work. It takes a long time to find the right cast and crew.