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Massively popular streamer Imane ' Pokimane ' Anys has been caught up in a storm of drama and supposed controversy of late, and fought back tears as she addressed various topics on her November 18 livestream.

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The Twitch star has some experience in dealing with online negativity. Most infamously after she was accused of making questionable copyright claims against YouTuber's using her content.

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Generally though, Anys has remained controversy-free and refrains from commenting on other online personalities to avoid confrontation. Drama sparked on November 17 though, when fellow streamer 39daph 'leaked' private messages between the twoclaiming that Pokimane had confronted her about being unfollowed.

The controversy raged on for 24 hours before Pokimane posted on Twitter with a link to her stream, simply writing 'let's talk'.

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pokimane On the stream, Anys confirmed that the messages leaked her and 39daph were accurately described, showing that she had asked if the reason for the unfollow was due to Pokimane herself unfollowing another streamer, Sliker.

Pokimane discussed the "Sliker situation" too, explaining that she only unfollowed him on Twitch because she doesn't watch his stream. Porn duff have this golden rule: you just don't leak DMs. You just don't do that.

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After watching further clips surrounding the drama, most of which had gained traction on the popular LiveStream Fails subreddit, xQc was also critical of the community's response. Poki unfollows him, and she's wrong. She's wrong in every case then? Can I fix it?

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I lost confidence, I want to pokimane the problem so I can fix it. Pokimane discussed the confrontation leaked stream, showing the DMs and confirming that what 39daph had claimed was said was accurate. The pair will likely be hoping that the drama has now concluded and both streamers and the community can move on.