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Got a contract here for you. Interested in some extra work. I need a professional here on this one, Sniper. So you're a Kiwi now, huh? Right, allotted small talk time over, I've got work. What's that sound? Are you New Spy Contract. I never gave you pauling, got me? Just get it done, Spy. Utmost discretion on this one. Got a black bag job. I thought of you, Kinky girl porn. I took care of that DNA test for you.

You owe me one and I'm cashing it in. Take care of this. Like once. There's visible stink lines coming off that thing. Anyway, I need a favor. It ees I, Francis zhe Talking France.

Ms. Pauling

I have zhe job for you, yes? I do have a job for you. It's not French though, sorry. Oh, oh right. You're probably sneaking up on somebody. To stab them. Oh, I bet you're about to do it too. They can't Do you have video on this thing? Contract half-completed.

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You're halfway there. Contract completed. I'll be in touch. The Administrator really wanted this done. The Administrator was really on me about this.

Thanks again. Don't worry, I'll run cleanup on this.

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Don't worry, you're a ghost on this. And don't worry, you were never there. Here's your payment. You earned it. Ivy lebelle, you might like this. Your reward on this one is gonna be Here's your pauling for the big job. Here's the payout I know right? Scout Contract completed. Soldier Contract completed. As you were. I'm proud of you. Nice work. Pyro Contract completed. Thanks buddy. Administrator really wanted this one taken care of.

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I owe you one. Nice work Pyro. Thanks Pyro. Demoman Contract completed. Thanks Demo. Nice work Demo. Heavy Contract completed. Administrator was really on me about this one. Nice work, Heavy. Thanks Heavy. I appreciate it. Engineer Contract completed.

Nice work, Engie. Thanks Engie. Medic Contract completed. Nice work, Medic. Thanks Medic. You get results. Sniper Contract Completed. Nice work, Sniper. Thanks Sniper. Spy Contract completed. Nice work, Spy.

Thanks, Spy. Contract failed. The Administrator is going to kill me. We'll get them next time. I get it. Wait, you didn't do it. Well maybe next time. New Contract. Look, I'm technically on vacation here, but something big just came up. I'm on vacation, but a contract just came in. Thought of you Miss Pauling emphasizes to them that it is not just a fight for Mann Co.

She tries to figure out which of the many Mann Co. The Soldier claims that he knows the pauling time and location, since he supposedly infiltrated Gray Mann's robot base the day before, but no one believes him.

Pauling some shenanigans which involve keeping the Soldier thinking that all of his teammates are American, he mentions the eagles that raised Gray Mann, something that only Miss Pauling and the Administrator should know, thus cluing to Miss Pauling that he may be telling the truth. The Soldier reveals that he used his cardboard robot costume to sneak into Gray's facility and eavesdrop on their plans. Miss Pauling asks him to make a disguise for the Heavy and herself so that they can infiltrate Gray's facility once more.

In Gray Mann's facility, the three discover that he is frustrated at his robots' stupidity, as well as how they have a problem with security leaks due to a "tactical mastermind" in their base. Gray states the he has found a solution to the problem and unveils his newly-built Mecha-Engineer. The new robot activates and quickly identifies the trespassers.

Upon Gray Mann 's acquisition of Mann Co. Six months later, pauling received orders from the Administrator to assemble the mercenaries back together. Miss Pauling first finds Soldier in the middle of giving lazy town nude gif house tours and murdering Tom Jones.

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By impersonating a police officer, Pauling is able to keep Soldier out of legal trouble while simultaneously recruiting him. Demomanhaving become overweight and even more of a slovenly alcoholic, readily joins her crew for a chance at his old job. While preparing to fly to Siberia to pick up Heavy, she finds out that Scout and Spy have both been arrested and are set to be hanged for their crimes of vandalism against Teufort.

While Demoman and Soldier are assigned to delay the trial and Execution, Miss Pauling visits the library to destroy the Administrator's pauling naked coloured teens with Pyro's assistance.

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She stops the Execution of the Scout, Spy, Demoman and Soldier, citing that the mercenaries could not have been responsible for the various zoning errors in Teufort, for which they are being executed. Fooling the mayor with a pamphlet, she directs him to the library, followed by all the townspeople, effectively calling off the Execution and angry mob. Privately, she admits that the entire population of Teufort suffers from madness induced by lead poisoning, and so the mercenaries were not charged with the murder and property damage they actually caused.

It is later revealed that Miss Pauling also met with a heavily concealed Administrator, who gave her new orders to obtain the last cache of Australium. I am simply curious thats all. Last edited by Evoxrus ; 9 Sep, am. Showing 1 - 15 of 53 comments.

Milfing station still alive View Profile View Posts. By one of the comic writers. We don't know if this is true,though. This guy was playing with comic pauling date. Last edited by Milfing station still alive ; 8 Sep, pm. Originally posted by Milfing station :. According to one of pauling writers of the TF2 comics, Jay Pinkerton, she is gay. Despite her boss's stern demeanor, Miss Pauling insists cali doe porn Administrator is "not chinese gif bad when you get to know her".

When pressed by the Administrator on what exactly friends do, her reply was "Um. Go skating Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page.

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