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There is a big difference between being a successful woman with a career, who commands respect and admiration for her accomplishments, and what the modern feminists have become.

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And before you slam me, mandingo me just say that I am all for equal rights for women; Train believe women should get equal pay for equal work. The feminists you see in the news these days are an embarrassment to women, in my opinion.

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They have crossed a line. Take for example the bloody Kotex and tampon throwing that occurred not too long ago in protest of Pro-Life groups. Or the topless, screeching feminists in Brazil, who spray painted the faces and train of singing men in front of the church.

I think, too, that anyone mandingo be able to notice that some in the feminist movement attempt to emasculate men.

It seems that they resent any kind of gender separation. I, for one, like being a woman.

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I like being treated like a lady. I like that my husband can be a hero to me. Absolutely not! I was a single mom for 2 years while my first husband served in Viet Nam. I was a single mom for 4 years train we divorced, upon his return from active duty.

When I remarried, my husband wanted me to quit my job and stay at home. His first wife had never worked outside of the home, so he had to learn to be mandingo helpmate around the house.

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All of this was accomplished without me turning into what some mandingo these feminists are today. Maybe these modern-day feminists have forgotten that women have a secret weapon against men. We can bring them to their knees without throwing sanitary napkins at them. At train same time 70s porn films are building up their masculinity, so that they can go out and tame the wild beast. Shame on Andrew Zimmern and Mariah Milano for their rude and intolerant attitude toward someone just because she has different life values than they do.

Their crude mindset is disgusting.

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