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Kristen Stewart is only 26, but she has been famous since she was 9 years old and starred alongside Jodie Foster in Panic Room. Since then, she has been the leading actress in a slew of good, great, and just-okay movies. This month she is on the cover of T Magazine to promote a whole new roster of films, including the French psychological thriller Personal Shopper. April : the pair began doing press for their film Twilight ever heard of it??

A match made in vampire heaven. He's really, really [good]. I don't even know how he [did it]. I couldn't stewart understand it. It's so good, it's so cool, I'm so proud of him.

Thank God. July Ugh. She releases a public apology kindgirls c0m Pattinson that could bring a tear to even the harshest of It-Couple critics: "I'm deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment I've caused to those close to me and everyone this perfect cocksucker affected.

Heck, Liberty Ross walked in Fashion Week for the first time in years kristen and just by walking she eclipsed the names of several bigger models and landed front page headlines. Maier also points out that just weeks after the scandal, Pattinson embarked on a whirlwind press tour for "Cosmopolis," which did remarkably well despite tepid reviews. And while Stewart has shouldered more than her fair share of bad press, the premiere of "On The Road" fakes tons of publicitysimply because it was her first appearance since the scandal.

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Maier isn't alone in her suspicions, which is evident from the painstaking video one conspiracy theorist made detailing how the photos of Stewart and Sanders were doctored to the point that it may not even be Stewart who is embraced in Sanders' arms. Are the photos fakes? Is the cheating scandal one giant publicity stunt? Work with us Advertisers Webmasters.

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