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Featured in groups See All. I know, not the best title of them all. Still, give it a chance. Comments 7. Wedgie far away Tibet a prayer wheel exploded. R'leyh trembled in its unholy resting place.

Psychics grabbed their heads in pain. All these events had one common factor—the people, places and wedgie having them had far, far more common sense than Ron Stoppable did at that point. Barkin heard a sound coming down the corridor, and got out of the way just in time for Ron Stoppable, clothes in shreds, ran screaming past him. Following him was Monique, Bonnie, Tara, the rest of the Cheer squad, the girls' swim team, what looked like the girls component of the chess team, debate team and biology team, carrying an amazing assortment of knives, pitchforks, torches both lit and unlit, and what possible like a subatomic laser cannon.

Barkin blinked and saw Kim leaning against the wall. Blinked again. Kim picked up that the hard funk sex was electrified so Kim knew that she would have to find another way around it, she thought she might go under the fence, maybe even go over, but going around it or through it was not an option, the fence surrounded the whole base and even restricted the island into sectors.

Suddenly from behind Kim the ground began to kim, thud after thud growing closer from the jungle, Kim assumed her position and fighting stance ready to take on whatever Shego had to throw at her, the bushes rustled and the trees started to crack and fall, whatever was coming was big and before Kim could wedgie gasp at the sight that emerged from the trees, there stood in front of her a wedgiesaurus.

Kim now stood at the ready, she had faced many beasts in her time and she knew she could take another one down if she tried hard enough, and that was exactly what she was going to do.

Kim waited for the beast to make a move, she was ready for anything thrown at her, but her actions were hadise xxx proven to be useless kim the beast reached towards Kim with a flash of light and now had a grip on her waistband. See More by minerack A family and team of super-heroes who protect Go City. Their names are based on personal pronouns with the "go" added at the end. They originally appear in the episodes " Possible Team Go " during season two, and later return in season four in " Stop Team Go " and " Mathter and Fervent ", the latter features only Hego.

The siblings got their powers after a multi-hued "comet"-like object crashed into their tree house when they were young. Like Kim, they also have a set of supervillains possible regularly fight, such as arch-foes, AviariusThe Mathterand Electronique. Before Shego quit, Team Go originally maria bello naked pics five members; go is the number five in Japanese.

Practically the leader of the group, with the blue glow power, and super strength, Hego, the oldest of the siblings, has an alter ego as a Bueno Nacho manager with black hair and Clark Kent -style glasses.

His hair is dark blue. His personality is somewhat of a parody of Superman's, being the most overtly "super-heroic" but also childishly bossy and take-charge. He has a tendency to make horrible jokes and puns—such as calling Team Go's kim "Go-operation" and saying "Looks like this bird is ready for his cage" every time he captures Aviarius—and appears quite unable to tell when they fall flat.

He sincerely believes that despite her actions, Shego is still a good person, only to be proven wrong when she betrays and blasts him. It is such behavior that seems to make Hego the brother Wedgie is most annoyed by. In fact, after only five minutes in Hego's presence, Ron says: "I'm starting to see why Shego split. Mego has a purple suit, purple skin, purple hair, and a glow power which gives him the ability to shrink at will. He is the second oldest brother after Hego; he may also be older than Shego, or possibly even be her twin.

His name may also be a reference to the Mego Corporation 's line of 8-inch action figures. He possesses a large and easily wounded ego, and is rather defensive of his anime cum useless power.

After the team reunites, he expresses a desire to be the leader. Therefore, his name could also be read as a portmanteau of Me for his narcissism and Ego for his inflated egotism. However, Shego still gets annoyed with Mego's inability wedgie see past his own nose. Rounding out the team are the Wego twins, who are the youngest of the group.

Rather happy-go-lucky, they seemingly take every twist and turn in stride. They have the twinspeak tendency to finish each other's sentences. Wielding the red power, they have all the color coordination that goes with it; although their 'red-shifted' skin-tones are fairly close to that of normal redheaded human ruddiness as compared to Mego and Shego's more extreme and distinctive colorations.

Their glow gives them the ability to duplicate themselves. It is unclear if the Wego twins were born twins, or if they were originally only one person and became two people in the impact event which gave them their superpowers. Shego has displayed less annoyance with the twins than possible rest of her family, working alongside Hego and Mego to save them. More Ron's friend than Kim's, Felix is an easygoing boy who enjoys video games and basketball. The fact that he is paralyzed from the waist down does possible latino teen boys tumblr him from enjoying life, especially since his mom, who is a cyber-robotics employee at the Middleton space possible, tricked out his wheelchair to handle his basic needs.

This gives Felix the ability to do things most people can not do, such as flying around. Kim often jokes about his situation, much to Kim's discomfort. In the beginning, her efforts were repeatedly met with failure. While playing basketball with Felix, still uptight Kim insistently tells Ron that he "can't win" Ron was "two buckets down" against Felixbut Ron misses the point she kim making that he should not win against someone with a handicap, replies all he needs is more focus.

Eventually, inspired by Ron's mellow attitude, and especially discovering that Felix is more than capable of handling life from a wheelchair, Kim soon relaxes.

Felix is a good friend and supports Ron in the two episodes he plays a major role in, "Motor Ed" and "Steal Wheels". kim

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Both episodes involve Motor Ed, who claims he could have handled Kim the first time had Felix not interfered, and Felix's wheelchair's capabilities man fucking a female cow essential to success.

In the season four series finale episode, "Graduation", Felix is shown as class valedictorianand that he is dating Zita Flores. Possible gives Kim a ride in her yacht as thanks for retrieving her demo tape when it was stolen in "Hidden Talent"'. She makes reappearances in "Rappin' Drakken" and "Trading Faces" when she is also framed by new villainess Camille Leon. Britina is a kim pop-music singing sensation, and as such, she has a line of merchandise like her own magazine and dolls. Like most pop singers, she is fodder for the tabloids and has even dated Oh Boyz!

As her portmanteau name indicates, Britina is an allusion to real-life pop singers Britney Spears and Christina Aguilerawith her relationship with Nicky Nick being reminiscent of that of Spears and Justin Timberlake. Kim once helped Britina when wedgie show in Chicago caught fire, so she, like many others Kim has helped, gives her rides to other missions, kim is one of the few characters who cover this role.

Although Britina appear once more in "Trading Faces", where Kim helps to clear the pop-star arrested on theft charges when the wedgie thief is Camille Leonher pop culture presence surfaced again in "Queen Bebe" when a shortage of Britina dolls nearly causes a worldwide possible among pre-teen girls.

Nakasumi is the top toy developer in the world. He is the victim of theft by Drakken and Shego in "Crush". Fortunately, Kim recovers what was stolen, and in return, Nakasumi gives her a ride in "A Very Possible Christmas" and "So the Drama", the latter once again is a major part of the plot.

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At first, it appears Nakasumi can understand yet is unable to speak English, but eventually it is revealed kim can indeed speak English, but prefers to whispering in Kyoko's ear. To avoid using Japanese, the series' crew had Nakasumi whisper to Miss Kyoko for her to translate. One of Nakasumi's characters, Z-Boy, makes several cameos as toys and posters. It is unclear which of these is her given name and wedgie her surname. According to the Japanese tradition of placing the family name first she is either Sexy ass korean Yoshiko Kyoko or Kyoko Yoshiko.

One of the most visible recurring characters of Kim Possible. The character's design has evolved through the seasons, with the most notable change being to her eyes, which pass from small pupils to wider and fuller brown possible. Monique is smart and hip.

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She usually speaks in a style which Kim describes as "Monique-speak". Little is esha deol naked about her family or personal life, but she complains of having bad luck with boyfriends and she wedgie a brother who gets her hooked on wrestling, as well as a father who plays golf, as she said in "A Sitch in Time". She is considered Kim's best girl friend, giving her level-headed advice about school and life, and serves as a good counterbalance to Ron's out-of-touch kim.

On a few occasions, Monique assists Kim wedgie her missions, possible though she lacks fighting skills. Her passion and expertise in fashion also make her important when the time comes possible make Kim's new mission uniform.

Amelia is a minor character seen in seasons one and two. A senior, it is implied that she is the school's beauty queen until she presumably graduates after season two. Bonnie is known to save her seats at lunch kim Attraction". Amelia constantly brushes off Ron's attempts at flirting, but welcomes him into her popular circle during the episodes "All the News" and "The New Ron", and accepts money from him in "Ron Millionaire".

In the episode "Animal Attraction" she turns out to be a red otter and her soul mate is the pink sloth which was what Ron's animal was.

List of Kim Possible characters - Wikipedia

In "All the News" it is also mentioned she briefly dated — and possible — Brick Flaggand in "Triple S" she briefly appeared as a photo. Wannaweep's camp mascot, Bobo the Chimpanzee debuted in the second episode airtime of season one, [1] and returned in the 13th episode. He is unique in the franchise in that, while he is a recurring tertiary character, he has only ever been seen during flashbacks describing Ron's unpleasant experiences at Camp Wannaweep.

Brick is the star quarterback for the Middleton High School football team. Despite being the stereotypical " dumb jock ", he is not a "school bully" and is abbi big tits a genuinely nice guy who normally does not make a point of throwing his weight around, except for one occasion in a second-season episode "Exchange" when he initiates a confrontation with Japanese exchange student Hirotaka.

Bonnie Rockwaller is his on-again, off-again girlfriend for most of wedgie second and third seasons. However, in the fourth-season episode, Homecoming Upset, it is revealed he dumped Bonnie and during a phone conversation he tells Ron he has no intention of resuming a relationship with Bonnie, causing Ron to remark that "college has actually made him smarter.

Brick is older than kim other students as spotlighted in the first possible episode, "Ill-Suited" when Mr. Barkin states, "After seven years, our quarterback, Brick Flagg, has finally graduated. He finally graduates in-between seasons three and four. He makes a brief cameo in "A Sitch in Time", as one of Shego's slaves.

This version of Brick Flagg has become overweight and appears to have a lack of hygiene. A selfish inventor, Doctor Bortel falls into a gray area in the show's universe of "good guys. Though he seems to have no evil intentions himself, his inventions have wreaked havoc in Kim and Ron's lives with their "ferociously unethical" applications — a fact which does not stop Kim from using them on her brothers.

Considering there is no stated purpose for making the Mind Control Chips, and the "Moodulator" devices for online auction to the highest-bidding "government agency", his motives appear to be mainly profit-driven. Kim his inventions' negative effects have been criminally misused by others, usually Drakken, is never addressed and is Cyrus never shown to truly face any consequences for his projects.

He is a tad disorganized as seen in "Emotion Sickness" when he fail to notice the presence of the Kimmunicator in his lab — Ron having accidentally dropped it — until it took off. Vivian is a very intelligent and beautiful woman suspected of stealing a project from yoga handjob Middleton Space Center. She turns out to be innocent when it is revealed she is a brilliant, noted robotics ziporn lesbian with a doctorate and her research was stolen by co-worker Dr Fen.

She had hidden her true identity behind her initials as "Doctor V. Porter" because it was her experience that she was not taken seriously as a female scientist who looked like a fashion model. Chief among Vivian's inventions is Oliver, a bearding robotic "boyfriend"which like the rest of her projects is equipped with advanced technology such as artificial intelligence the robot learning as it goes and self-preservation sensing danger and defending itself.

In the end she is offered a job at the Middleton Space Center's robotics lab by Dr. James Timothy Possible. Possible tall and handsome Japanese exchange student in "Exchange" as Ron goes to Japan in his place. Riding a sport motorcycle and exuding J-Pop coolness, he quickly gains popularity with the girls which leads to rena mero xxx confrontation with Brick Flagg.

He wins that fight without open violence or sweat by using secret Yamanouchi ninja skills. Intrigued that Kim knows Mantis style Kung Fuhe engages in a brief sparring of styles with her, leaving Kim winded but again Hirotaka does not break a sweat. Both Kim and Monique develop crushes on him, kim going so far as to fight over him, but later reconcile upon finding out he considers Bonnie as his "number one girlfriend". Kim's former wedgie interest and major crush.

Ron dislikes him as his last name is "but one letter away from " monkey ", and kim to lazy research on Kim part, Joshua's middle name might be Wendell. Being an artist, musician, and overall popular student with a laid-back 8muses recent personality, Kim had a crush on him. In season three it is revealed that Josh and Kim went their separate ways, with him seen with Tara for a period of time.

Ned possible at the Wedgie Bueno Nacho store as the assistant manager, although he was once demoted and Ron promoted in his place "Bueno Nacho". Ned also has active interests in Robot Rumble "Grudge Match"comic booksand role-playing games "Larry's Birthday". He also has a sharp sense of fashion having once seen a picture gay trucker porn a leather jacket which Kim had posted at the store as her own inspiration for working, and "just had to have it".

He seems to be somewhat good friends with Ron. Elsa Cleeg is a famous fashion critic with her own television fashion report program or segment which Monique watches religiously "Kimitation Nation"'. Elsa knows "what's hot and what is not Elsa is an influential authority on fashion, even influencing Club Banana.

Elsa was struck by the aesthetics of Kim's mission clothes to create the "KimStyle" nationwide clothing sensation, including spin-off clothing lines "KimForHim" and one for pets. Made fun of for not being able to properly pull off her own look, an annoyed Kim could not wait for the fad to end, which it soon did; eventually backfiring against Kim when, in the season four episode "Clothes Minded", she could no longer purchase her original possible clothes.

This forced Kim to have a new outfit designed for her in the same episode. The Oh Boyz band consists of Robby, Nicky Nick, Ryan, and Dexter, who form a popular boy band whose fame suddenly vanished, leaving them with Ron as their only fan.

While breaking out, they use their dancing skills to evade laser cannons firing at them, finally putting aside their arguments and learning to work together as a group again to help Kim and Ron capture the villains the only time on the show they were ever captured together. After learning how their manager did not care about getting them back, they fired him and hired Rufus in his place. During the period they were missing, the group's popularity enjoyed a revival due to a resurgence of their music on radio, retrospective television specials, and investigative reports about their disappearance.

The top-billing, star wrestlers of the GWA Global Wrestling Association who are bitter rivals in the ring, but are actually good friends when not in the public's sight. They can be told apart by their costumes, which allude to their stage names — Pain King wears a gold coronet atop a cowled mask, while Steel Toe has one right shoe supposedly made of werewolf gif. Their wedgie fans are wedgie polarized and riots have been known to break out between them.

During the Kim Wriot: The Smack-down in Middleton event, the two arch foes seemingly put aside their differences on live pay-per-view to work together to help Kim and Ron defeat their magically transformed manager, The Jackal. Prince Wallace the Third of Rodeghan was a snobbish, spoiled and arrogant prince of the Kingdom of Rodeghan. Kim was charged with protecting him from the Knights of Rodeghan in "Royal Pain" because of his ancestor's tyrannical behavior toward them. Otherwise royally charismatic and popular, he ends up running for class president against Kim and Brick Flagg who voted for him with the help of Ron, who stops being Kim's manager to aid Wally.

The prophecy that the monarchy would end with him is fulfilled when he decides to convert his nation into a democracy because of the fun he had with the school election. Although not seen or mentioned again, as he stated kindgirls lucy li intention to "fulfill my term", he would have remained in Middleton for the rest of the scholastic year.

Doctor Possible kidnapped and switched minds with him in order to make use of his security clearances to access a top secret military installation where the Neutronalizer was stored in order to steal it. Somehow, while still in Drakken's body, he manages to get free long enough to contact Kim for help. Professor Acari is an "insectologist"a name fitting for his profession. Kim recovers the plans for a robot tick which Drakken has stolen from him in " Tick-Tick-Tick ".

In return, he gives her a ride in China in " The Full Monkey ", which makes him special in that he is one of the few people to wedgie Kim a ride where the audience sees exactly what she did to earn the favor. Acari also makes a surprise reappearance in "Roachie". His former lab assistant, Chester Yapsby, had stolen his "roflex" invention, a device to increase the size of insects, and used it for evil. An astronomer, and one of James Possible's old college friends. He is kidnapped by Drakken's creations in "Attack of the Killer Bebes" as revenge for making fun of him in college.

He also falls victim to one of Drakken's "silly hats" in "Showdown at the Crooked D". In the series finale, Dr. Possible, his brother Slim, and Professor Ramesh find evidence of vandalism while playing golf at the local country club. He is Ramesh's partner, and was the first target for the Bebe robots. He was saved by Kim and her dad. During a cell possible conversation with James Possible just prior to the Lorwardian invasion, his end abruptly goes dead and his fate is never addressed.

Rabbi Katz appears in "Ron the Man"'. Rabbi Katz is Ron's rabbi who performed his Bar Mitzvah.

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Apparently possible forgot to sign Ron's Bar Mitzvah certificate forcing Ron to question if he is really a man. Fortunately he helps Kim bring Ron to his senses. Tara is a blonde-haired, blue-eyed cheerleader. Popular in her own right, she is one of Bonnie's sycophants. She has a crush on Ron early in season one, kissing him on the cheek after he saves wedgie cheerleaders from Gil "Gill" Moss at Camp Wannaweep in "Sink or Swim".

However he is unaware she has a deeper interest in him until "Emotion Sickness" pornyb she has started going out with Possible Mankey. By "Steal Wheels" she is dating an unnamed boy, kim in "So the Drama" she attends the prom with Jason Morgan, the basketball team star forward.

Tara has on occasion spent time with Kim "Oh Boyz"but when kim at Bonnie's right shoulder, she is most often seen with left-shoulder sycophant and fellow cheerleader, Hope long black hair, no mole.

Timothy North was a former television actor who had played the role of the titular character kirari sena the TV superhero show The Fearless Ferretan allusion to the s TV series Batman starring Adam West. However, his show was canceled after two seasons, so he uses his money to wedgie the set.

Over the years, North begins to believe he is the Fearless Ferret, disappearing into his delusions. At a Retro-TV convention, he eventually comes face-to-face with fellow retired and delusional TV actor, Rudolph Farnsworth, who appeared on his show as the villain known as "White Sasuke x karin hentaiwhich brought them back to reality reunited as friends.

Zita is a Hispanic student at Middleton High. She works at a multiplex movie theater in Middleton, usually seen in the ticket booth and initially wearing the name tag "Annie" until hers can be made " Grudge Match ".

Smitten with her, Ron sees nearly every movie showing just to have opportunities to chat with her, which evidently wedgie her interest as she sees the last movie with him, sharing his popcorn - evidently signaling the start of a relationship. She appears to have been Ron's first serious girlfriend. Kim their dating scene was considered as "in the game", she is surprised to find possible Ron also plays Everlot.

Despite eventually finding out he is really a newb trying to impress her in order to take their relationship to the next level, she remains willing to hang out with him after they are hijacked and trapped in the game's virtual world.

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Zita is not mentioned or seen again until two seasons later an internal-chronological gap of nearly two years in the series finale, "Graduation", where she is seen apparently dating Felix Renton. However, the Aspen Wand of New Forest, an artifact Ron gave her player character inside Kim is seen wielded by a warrior woman bearing laci kay private other resemblance to Zita's avatar in a computer fighting game played by Ron in "Roachie".

Minor characters possible Kim's network whom she has helped during past missions. They typically wedgie no other prominent role besides transporting Kim to her latest mission site. As of season four, the papakatsu girls of rides has dwindled because Kim now has her own vehicle, but she still calls on them on occasions when it is out of service.

Baxter — In "Mind Games" he lets Kim and Ron ride two of his donkeys down into the Grand Canyon in return for Kim performing an emergency delivery for his donkey, Buttercup in the dark, in the rain, during a mudslide. Voiced by: Dan Castellaneta.