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Or her multiple sultry moments in the classic "Waiting For Tonight"? The woman just knows exactly how to heat things up.

Jennifer Lopez’s Hustlers Striptease: Inside the Sexiest Film Scene of the Year | Vanity Fair

It's an understatement to say we lose our breath every time we see her in a music video. In honor of that, we've put together a countdown of her sexiest moments, ranked from hot to even hotter, because we know better than to think J Lo's sexiness has reached its peak.

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Gift Guide. But I judge the culture that allows this to be it for us.

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That reinforces that men are worth that, and women are worth that. The film is set in —but, troublingly, Scafaria still sees the same issues plaguing American culture. She held out hope, taking other writing jobs to pay her bills but refusing to sign on to another directorial project in case she would be permitted to carry Hustlers across the finish line.

After creating mood boards and putting together a two-minute sizzle reel, Scafaria eventually convinced producers to give her the greenlight to direct. In the film, Destiny has a recurring nightmare that she is in the back seat of a car she is not driving.

J Lo's Hottest Pics EVER, Ranked

The filmmaker said that she and her Hustlers cinematographer Todd Banhazl immediately knew they had to up their game. We had as many cameras going as we could at once.

We are with Ramona onstage, but we are also being hustled by her. Scafaria and her D. So that first shot of her was kind of inspired by that. I think there are obviously sexier moments, but I still feel the characters are responsible for those moments.