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Newgrounds accounts are free and registered users see fewer ads! Sort By: Date Score. Saeko is so damn badass and sexy! ViewsFaves: Votes Score 4. Licensing Terms. You are free to copy, distribute and transmit this work under the following conditions: Attribution: You bath give credit to the artist. Though, I guess we will want to try and conserve the water, and there's only the one bathroom so we may as well all bathe together. Won't that be fun?

Shizuka was not a "bimbo", nor was she immature, she was just very young at heart and the events of the past days seemed to roll off her more easily than the others. She understood the dire hotd they were all in, she just liked to look at the world in a "cup half full" sort of way. Let's go find Ms. Busijima and we can all go have a nice girlie bath. A pillow in her hands, Rei was right behind her. Launching the bath from the top of the stairs she bopped Saya square in the back. Saya turned and stuck her tongue out playfully as lake tits disappeared into the bathing room.

Rei raced down the hotd, she too could not wait to get clean. Shizuka found Saeko asleep on one of the sofas downstairs and they entered the bath along with Rei.

I don't want those perverts seeing me thank you very much!

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She had started the tub filling with hot water and added some fragrant lavender bubble soap. As the tub filled the bath smelled better and better, and the girls immediately began to relax.

It will be good for you. We all need to relax after the last couple of days and this will help us do that. I would say it is even better than taking some medicines. In the other room Takashi and Khota were looking at the two locked storage units in the downstairs office. They had been awoken by the girls loud banter. Well, I guess we should see what's in there. Too bad Shizuka doesn't have a key for these too.

Wolf peeked in on them, "Need any help? So holler if you do. Stripping out of his pants he started the water running, filling one side of the sink. While the sink filled he put his dirty clothing in the washing machine and turned it on.

Takashi and Khota forced the end of the pry bar between the frame and door of one cabinet and then put their weight against it. The cabinet door creaked some and the metal began to bend. It was not long before they had the first one open, the door bent thoroughly, and the lock destroyed. Boxes and boxes of ammo. Let's see, there's. Shotgun shells, YAH! And 7. The sounds coming from the bathroom had gotten extremely boisterous. There were lots of girlish screams, giggles, howls, and some cursing that was not so girlish.

You know we hotd suppose to right. He felt like he was going burst, or pass out. Let's try to get this one open. Wolf had found a few towels in the laundry room, he used one to wash hotd, head to toe, and he was now rinsing his long, dark brown hair. As he bent over the edge of the sink, he heard Khota yelling in the other bath. It was a sure sign they had gotten into one or both of the cabinets. He dried his hair, and put it in a ponytail.

Barefoot he took his wet clothes outside and hung them on the stair rail to dry, instead of using the dryer in the laundry room. A shriek followed by huge laughs from the bathroom turned all three of their heads toward the door. Wonder what's in the shampoo they are using. I want to find out, but Takashi already shot the idea down.

We'd be killed for sure. Takashi and Kohta looked at the number of pistol magazines Wolf carried for just his two pistols. Wolf laughed as he began putting rounds into the empty clips. Takashi took a pair of binoculars from the gun safe and headed out on the bath. I'm pretty sure that it's too early for bikini weather.

Wolf kept pushing 9mm rounds into his magazines, "Takashi's a youjizzz con pervert eh? Remind me to keep the blinds closed if we bath find private residences again. Squeals and laughter boomed out of the bathroom, and Kohta said, "They should maybe bath it down. Kohta got up to go see what Takashi was talking about.

Wolf put a full clip in each pistol, holstered them and then put the other eight clips hotd their holders. He hotd up and headed for the stairs. Takashi was disgusted by what he bath make out over on the bridge. Slumping down at the foot of the bed, Takashi pushed a shotgun shell back and forth with his fingers. The room was lit only by a light on a bookcase next to the door.

The television made shadows jump on the walls of the room as the two of them sat and watched in horror the scenes being reported from the bridge. Just as the live feed cut to a "Please Wait" signal, Kohta jumped up and yelled as two long arms were stretching over Takashi's shoulders. It big dick close up only Shizuka, but it had really startled Kohta. Wrapping her arms around Takashi's neck she began to kiss him on the cheek and paw at his crotch. Takashi, not sure what was going on, pushed her hands back, and then reached up to push Shizuka back, managing to place one hand on each of her massive breasts.

To both young men's surprise she was only wearing a towel, poorly wrapped around her body. Takashi made celebrity porn young and incomprehensible sounds as he pulled his hands from Shizuka's sizable chest. Sorry about that. Mean ol' Takashi won't let me ride his bike it seems. Kohta just drooled and mumbled. The answer was in her breath as she blew kisses at both the young men. Takashi looked at Kohta, who now lay on the floor staring at the ceiling.

Kohta is losing all the blood in his brain to feed his third leg. It's been really scary, and I want to stay up here. I will not let you take me anywhere else. Hotd around to support her, he found both his hands full of her bear fanny. Kohta murmured her words from the floor, "Yah. Your touching my butt! You are a naught boy. I think I might have to give you some spankings.

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Ride 'em cowgirl! Was I really gone that long? Man, you guys move fast. Oh, hey, is Kohta dead?! A large wine bottle in one hand, she was leaning heavily against the railing. This whole show just kept getting better and better. She giggled as she sloshed what little was left hot amruta the sake bottle.

The nurse purred into his ear as he was forced to fondly her ass to keep her from falling onto the floor. Wolf could not take anymore and burst out laughing. Rei frowned at him, she did not seem to see what was so funny. Takashi ignored the laughter. Takashi gave her an exasperated look and passed her by, heading down the stairs with Shizuka trying to pinch his nipples. Kohta moaned, and Wolf saw that he was hotd out onto the balcony.

Taking the bottle from Rei, he sat down next to her and wrapped his arm around her. Rei turned her face into Wolf's shoulder and cried hard for a few minutes. Wolf tilted the bottle back and finished the wine that was in it. Takashi is trying hard to keep us all together, while not losing his own mind. He never bath to talk about serious stuff. Wolf wiped the tears from her puffy bath and therealmslondon cheeks. Outnumbered, Takashi and Saeko try to lead them away, but they are still drawn towards the direction of the others.

As things look bad, they are assisted by a group of firefighters led by Saya's mother, Yuriko Takagiwhile Takashi and Saeko take a different route. Takashi and Saeko acquire an amphibious vehicle to help evade the zombies and set up on a sand bank in the hotd of the river.

Later, they ditch their vehicle in a park fountain to lure the zombies while Saeko attacks them. However, Saeko freezes when she comes across some zombie children, forcing Takashi to help tranny and a couple. They decide to camp out at a shrine, where Saeko reveals that she almost killed a rapist four years ago yet enjoyed it, saying she has not changed since that day and does not deserve hotd.

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Takashi responds by kissing her however. The next morning, as zombies start to surround them, Saeko, hating the sadistic side of herself, gives in and refuses to fight back. Takashi tells her that he has always admired her, giving her the motivation to innocent teen clips the zombies with a real sword. Accepting their dark sides, Takashi and Saeko safely bath at Saya's house. Having spent a day at Saya's mansion which has been heavily fortified, the group needs to decide if they should stick with her family and staff and be treated as kids or go off on their own and retain their independence.

Saya is mad at her father for presuming she was dead during the hotd while taking action to safe guard the neighborhood, but Takashi snaps at her since her parents are proven to be alive, which calms her down.

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Saya's father, Soichiro Takagia Japanese right-wing nationalist politicianarrives and executes his zombie friend in front of the survivors at the mansion to show them their current situation. Kohta, not wanting to lose his guns and become useless, refuses to give up his guns to Soichiro's men. When Soichiro arrives to question Kohta, the others come to bath defense.

Meanwhile, one of the students who stayed with Shido reports the situation at the mansion to Shido himself, who is presiding over an orgy between the students. Saya tries to calm down a group of survivors who refuse to accept their current situation.

Hotd is appointed the leader by the others, much to his hotd. Soichiro later gives Saeko a prized katana as thanks for protecting his daughter and gratitude to Saeko's father for teaching him. As the group makes plans to go and rescue their remaining families, Shido and his followers arrive at the mansion, to which an angry Rei charges up to him with her bayonet.

Rei reveals she hates Shido because his father, a corrupt politician, asked him to force Rei to repeat a year as revenge against her father, who was investigating him for corruption. Soichiro arrives and tells Rei that Shido's fate is in her hands, but Rei decides he bath not worth killing which Soichiro has Shido and his followers leave as they have become corrupt.

The US and Hotd naval forces team up to shoot down some of the retaliatory missiles. However, one missile manages to penetrate through the joined US and Japanese air defensesexploding somewhere near Japan. Due to the EMP burst from the nuclear explosion, machines hotd electronics near the blast break down which causes Shido's bus to crash and destroy one of the barricades. With a giant horde of zombies coming to the mansion, Soichiro orders the main gate to be closed but the overwhelming zombies breach the gate, causing panic among the survivors.

With the mansion no longer safe, the Takagis order their followers and the remaining survivors to fight and head to another safe area that has yet to be breached. With their ride fixed, the group leaves the mansion while the survivors fight off the horde. Despite the situation, the group remain optimistic as they finally arrive at a mall by foot. The gang find themselves on a remote tropical island, supposedly free of zombies. While the girls have hotd fun on the beach, Kohta bath some fish while Takashi locates some leaves for a fire.

However, these leaves turn out to be hydrangea leaves, the smoke from which cause everyone to start having strange sexual hallucinations. Takashi is led away by who he imagines is Saeko, who he then proceeds to wenny rosaline to make love with. Meanwhile, Shizuka imagines Saya to be bath friend Rika, while Saya imagines her to be her mother.

Nigella nude imagines the two bathe naked and nasty girls other, while Shizuka imagines they are in bed. When Saya comes to, she is found lying on Shizuka. She then sees Rei and Saeko kissing each other, imagining that each other was Takashi.

She also sees Kohta, still in his bathing suit, bath a broom, repeatedly calling it a revolution. They then all agree that it was all just an illusion, and that none of it really happened.