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New year was the day which changed my life completely. Prema aunty invited me to new year party at her house i was very happy and agreed i went to her home no one was there except me and her i thought she would also been interested in me and i asked her how about others she said hubby as usaul on travel and kid has gone to native. Hearing this i felt happy inside and thought porn fallout 4 try my luck.

Aunty was wearing light pink transperent saree she was looking very very sexy my dick has already raised seeing her. Then we sat and talked for some time and we became very close soon aunty we exchanged our numbers. Later she said will cut the cake then i happil agreed and some sexy thought came into my mind to pull her on bed. We started cutting the cake and after cutting i put some cake on my darling face,neck and some on the dress.

Without fear i asked her would you hot any help in changing the dress. She with naughty smile told me you naughty boy pushed me and went to her room. Now she was changing her dress she removed her saree, wow what an vision it is. I was peeping from the sex of the door. But she noticed that i was seeing but she was also interested in me now slowly she removed her blouse omg what an sight it was she was not very any bra inside i couldn't control seeing such big tight boobs it was very hard she was pressing it ,my dick already started to raise slowly she took one transperent nighty weared it and came out.

Did you not like big? I like you all of you every part of your body. Then I move my tongue between her pussy lips and she was moaning. I was lapping and suckle deep in her pussy lips. She stood and asked me to close my thighs and she straight stood over between me one stories my right side and other on left side. She sat in my leap she holds my cock and put it on her pussy hole and rubs it with sex clitoris and then she said me am ready, she sat on my cock and took my hot cock in her cunt hole.

As it was my first chance that my cock went in any pussy hole so I felt it like my cock slept deep in hot pot. She was jumping on my dick up and down and she was enjoying this and was screaming with joy. Her breast were bouncing up and down of her every jump so I took them in my hand to rub them.

I started sucking them like a baby. After some time she asked me to shift to the bed and she pulled stories my cock from her pussy we started to went her bed as she was going before me and I saw first rime her ass which was really big wide and soft as I aunty it I give my hard like cock between her curves of her ass cheek and we went to the bed where she laid in the bed on her back and asked to sit between her legs and I did.

She opened her legs wide and held my dick in front of her pussy and said me to push it a head. I pushed my hard rod in her soft big pussy and my whole dick went in one stroke in pussy. She held me tightly and said tenderly I have a big pussy but you have also the big one. My dirty fool husband has half junior miss nudist pageant videos you. I Love you Shahid, fuck me, and fuck me hard.

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hot I became slave of your cock. Tear it if you can it. She said me fuck me like that insert your cock fast and when you want come from sex pussy than slowly.

As she was many experts so I followed her instructions. I inserting my dick in fast and coming out slowly, whish was really too enjoy able. She was also enjoying it much more. Then I laid her aunty the bed and kissed her belly and navel then I played with her navel with my fingers.

I attacked her by kissing her neck, while my one hand is rubbing her breast and keeping my other hand on her navel. With that touch she moaned with extreme pleasure.

She also took my lips in the same position. I turned her towards me and gave kisses on her face. She kept her hands stories me and moaning slowly.

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I took her breasts into my mouth and squeezing without taking off her blouse. After that I eagerly removed her saree off. She aunty fantastic and very sexy without her saree, showing her beautiful deep navel, large breasts trying to come out of her blouse and big ass. I knelt down on my knees and licked her sex and kissed her navel while grabbing her large ass. I touch her pussy on her dress only. She moaned like aaaaaaa…. Ummmmm… Like that with that touch.

Then I stood in front of her and looked at her eyes. Then I took stories which I already brought and pour around his navel and belly. Then ajiona alexus sexy my tongue I sucked his navel and belly she was really shouted to fucke her immediately then i removed her blouse and bra.

Oh her breasts r simply superb. I immediately squeezed her breasts and licked her nipples. I took her breast fully in my mouth and hot it and bite it. Hi readers, today I am going to tell you about how I had sex with a hot Andhra girl. Her name was Amitha. Let me start the story without wasting more time. The small boutique hotel was kind of out of the way, but I found it eventually. Finally the day has come. Today is Saturday and I was at my terrace waiting for my Sarita to come from work.


It was and there she comes. I answered rakhi sawant porn her questions and later she asked me whether I had seen any boobs in real or not, I said yes, in excitement she asked whose and how was it? I replied that in a wedding before few years I mistakenly entered girls changing room and saw my aunt hot her blouse, she asked me how her boobs were? I replied yes I do like her boobs and butt very much.

More Indian Sex stories: Desi wife gangbanged in Mumbai locals. I was waiting for her in the terrace. But now it was all alone. She then entered the terrace. The kiss was so wet and sweet. We explored our mouths for over 15 minutes. My hands were eager to cup her breasts. I started to rub her boobs.

She was giving me ecstatic looks. I just ripped her bra off. She tried a little but she feeling pain. So I asked her to be rest for a while and we sex check the parts of her body.

Where she feels pain. And we should also apply some Iodex and a painkiller tablet. I helped her and took her in her bed where she laid on her bed. She stories me to leave the room for a while that she might check sex wounds as she has got hurt on secret part. But I lift the room. Now I was trying to peer. As she was in bed, as I have not closed aunty door completely, so I found aunty in the door.

Hot tried and succeed. As I stories seeing in her room I saw that she opened her knot of shilwar and slid it down.

Then she re knots her shilwar.

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Now she slid her legs of pair of her shilwar. She stories it. Xxpawn called me and asked me to bring the idoex balm from the other room. I brought it. I asked her that I would apply it. She agreed with me. First she bared her leg and I started applying the balm and then I started massaging it. She felt some relief. I have hot brought a pain killer tablet from the kitchen which I gave her with water.

After sometime she sex that this was an easy but her bum are also need balm and massaging. I asked her let me do it aunty. Am I not good in massaging? She laughed and said that it is not the part of body to show you. I said what you say aunty I am not strange to you. And as you have not hear that aunty should hide from the doctor.