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The first major TikTok video that picked up on "Mia Khalifa," according to Kavnerwas posted by a TikTok user who goes by nyannyancosplay, who now has more thanfollowers. Her TikTok spawned thousands of similar videos. There are nearly million videos with the " hitormiss" hashtag TikTok.

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Read more: 16 celebrities who went viral and dominated the internet this year. It became so popular that the lyrics became a calling card for other TikTok users. One user, Thomas Ridgewell, fro Boise, Idaho, decided to see if it could be seen as a "secret handshake" for the community, according to Kavner. Today, she has 2.

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None of this will affect her at all. But with that rise in popularity came bullying. His TikTok following has grown only modestly: 8, fans, up from the 2, he had previously.

It has also earned over 13 million listens on Spotify, where spent some time on the United States Viral 50 chart earlier this week. Only four days left until Christmas, shoppers.

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So if you find yourself out doing some last-minute gift hunting, keep your ears open and be prepared to respond. Hit or miss?! Reed Kavner is a digital creator and comedy producer based in Brooklyn, NY. Many users copy her image, dress and gestures in their videos. Videos with that hashtag have collected over million views.

TikTok: 'Hit or Miss' meme from 'Mia Khalifa' song yelled in public - Insider

The first is with the musician and the creation of the lyrics and music and the meaning they are putting into it. Then, it is interpreted by the TikTok user, who creates yet another layer of meaning-making for their viewer to interpret. The first line is about the hypothetical question known as hit or miss also known as smash or passwhereby one is to say whether or not they would have sex with a given person. Skrrt, in the last line is gordas xx reference to a car driving away and of course, hitting the dab is in reference to the memetic dance move.