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David Copperfield posted: there's the one where a black guy's dick comes out of a picture of adolf hitler and a white girl starts sucking it while it's still in the picture. Odddzy posted: I must be getting old. Besides the lemon stealing whore one, these all made me sad. I hope he saw a doctor.

He was warrior and mystic, ogre and saint, the fox and the innocent, chivalrous, ruthless, less than a god, more than a man. Seeing screenshots was too much. Game's over, and fuck you Jimson.

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It's not my fault that you guys couldn't get your shit together by deadline. No one gets access to docs because I don't fucking care anymore, I hope you all enjoyed ruining my game, and there won't be another. I really wonder what kind of life choices you make that lead you to do a bunch of semi-pro mature porn where a bunch of guys just fill you up with semen.

threeelements.info: () Another porn star diagnosed with HIV. Who could have seen this coming?

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What a shame. Date Posted: Mar 31, 1. Date Posted: Mar 31, 2. HRNGK she was so good at what she did. Date Posted: Mar 31, 3.

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RuzhyoMar 31, Date Posted: Mar 31, 4. SexyamaMar 31, Date Posted: Mar 31, 5.

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AssassinAltairMar 31, Date Posted: Mar 31, 6. I was so depressed when I found that out. Or was this her last porn video?

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Originally Posted by F3AR. Bastard sons. With fathers who deny you your rightful estates.

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I offer you a chance to carve out your own fate. To damn your fathers to the past or to hell. Ride with me, my bastard army, to the only future allowed us.

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Originally Posted by JtotheIzzo. Originally Posted by godsangina2. OP are you aware condoms do not protect against genital warts? Or herpes?

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