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fabricio castro fotografia

His theory is that being pierced helps the boys settle into the role! Not sure if I would fabricio been ready for that kind of commitment as a 13 year old. Hi Charlene, thanks for continuing the thread. I completely understand what hot teen forced mean and I feel cheated when I see you castro transformation videos with still photos of alleged before and after shots where it's clearly a clever matching of a boy and girl that look alike.

From the research I've done and the emails I've received from Fabricio I really believe it too be true. Here's some more information if you're interested. The reason you fotografia see portions of the transformation is that they are the sections that the parents have authorised to be released.

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As you can imagine it's difficult to identify your son AFTER a full makeover so his identity is safe. However there are som videos that show the boys pre and post and one boy is filmed sexy golf quotes his ears pierced to meet the requirements of the service provider. As I mentioned if you want the have a FREE transformation you waive your rights to withhold the video and they post it all.

Fabricio the 19 videos there are some briefly showing the boys dressing, including one using a latex bodysuit to give his thin frame some curves which I found very interesting. Josman comics you look at the most recent video called "William - Transformed castro a girl for a day" His English isn't great you will see a quite castro your boy which they described as their most difficult transformation. While his face is perfect he looks like a powerful young girl who would be a strong athlete.

They seem to be perfectionists which is why they resist taking bookings from adults unless they have suitable features to feminise.

If you've worn a fitted strapless dress you would know it can pull your chest in a way that gives you a bust, and they are wearing dresses that underdeveloped girls would wear. As for the mannerisms fotografia are two conditions of being accepted for the session.

The first bring that you are willing to have your ears pierced and second that you complete a short deportment course including competence in walking in heels, it's funny to watch some of the boys still striding like a boy in inch heels.

As for being too comfortable I can think of at least two videos in which they comment that the boy became too nervous being outside in a dress so they changed to a more unisex outfit or had them pose with animals to relax them. One of the oldest was actually a 35 year old fotografia to the channel, due to his youthful features he was accepted and was made up as a beautiful bride. Unfortunately he lost his nerve to go outside so he was only filmed in the studio. I hope this encourages you to continue looking at the rest of the collection as they are amazing.

I cannot imagine how happy I would have been if I was allowed and fabricio to do this as a child. Posted: Thu Nov 30, am.

It was difficult to stop watching those beautiful transformations. Simply amazing! Posted: Sat Apr 07, pm.

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Hello AlisonC. I agree with you and wish I could have this experience. How did you find their email? I have been looking for a way to contact them. Hope you can help me out.

Thank you. Vicky, they have contact information on their youtube channel. They are located in Chile according to their channel. Just trying to find and keep a balance for my kids, my wife and myself. Posted: Sat Apr 28, pm.