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Mime Time. She is shown to care for Ash deeply, as he is her only child. However, he has yet to appear onscreen. In Alolan Open House! Delia appeared in I Choose You! When her son asked her why she had not awakened him, she reminded him that he had told her he could wake up himself on such an ketchum day. She later spoke with Ash via a video conversation, worried and upset that Ash had not called her earlier. She spoke to him again later in the movie, where she was introduced to Verity and Sorrel. She appeared once more near the end of the movie, cleaning Ash's room before spotting delia rainbow in the sky.

Delia appears briefly in The Electric Best public flashing of Pikachuwhich is based on the anime.

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In Pikachu, I See You! Delia appeared in Emperor of the Crystal Tower: Entei. She briefly appeared in I Choose You! Delia appeared in a flashback in ICYR1. Please remember to follow the manual of style and code of conduct at all times.

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Personal delia Create ketchum Log in. Delia Ketchum. Pallet Town. Ash is her beloved son and she would take care of him until the day of his departure.

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It was her responsibility. But until the next morning she still had to be the mother of Ash. Shudo explains that being judy reyes naked mother is already a son xxx hard job.

After all it was better than remaining completely alone, after her husband had left home. Just to give an example, Ash became ketchum for the first time around the age of three. He combined a prank after another and, in order to keep him quiet, Delia often pretended to cry:.

However, as usual at her age, girls should go out and have fun rather than ketchum as single mothers. Aiden A. Akina Dr. Navigation Back - Forward - Top. Delia Delia Ketchum Jp. I Choose You! Biography Delia is the mother of Ash Ketchum. Ash then told her that he had so many things to tell her and that he was taking a flight home later that afternoon. Delia told Ash to take care on his way home and told the rest to visit Pallet Town when they have the time. Delia later returned in Alolan Open House! Later, when she was encountered by Team Skull, she battled with Litten, delia despite being upset about not battling with Ash and fighting foes with Tauros, wounded a Zubat with Scratch and fainted a Salandit with Scratch.

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Later, when Delia was leaving, she remembered to say bye and drop off Litten. She is also the one who make food for their welcoming party and she often carries Ash's Litten ketchum the welcome party. The next day, She and Professor Oak also give delia to Ash and the group when they are about to depart to Cerulean City by bus.

It wasn't long after that they were married.

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Despite him being on a journey, he never did dale jr gay. The implication is that Ash's father never succeeded in the same way that his son has, so he was too ashamed to ever show his face again. Who knows where he could be now? She became an important plot element, kidnapped by Entei at the request of a little girl. It was revealed that, back in the day, Delia was a student of Professor Oak.

She wasn't just any student, though—she was at the very top. At that delia, it only makes sense that Ash would be so determined to do the same. Food for thought. She took over the family business after her mother passed away. She was 19 when she had Ash. She fell in love and they quickly married. He left right after Ash was born and never returned. Shortly after, her mother fell ill and died, leaving 19 year old Delia delia with her newborn son.

When Ash was around three years old he was a bit of a troublemaker and while scolding him she once pretended to cry, only for the tears to turn real when she started to reflect on her life situation as a young single mother and felt unfortunate compared to other girls her age. Ash was so taken aback that he stopped misbehaving. She has a ketchum influence on the community: eating at her restaurant puts the men of Pallet Town in a good mood she listens to them talk about their problems with their wiveswhich in turn puts their wives ketchum a good mood, which in turn puts their kids ketchum a good mood.

She was also delia little afraid that once he left Ash would never contact her again, just like her father and husband.