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Comicbookgirl19 Lee Massey, otherwise called Comic Book Girl 19 alias CBG19, is a web big name known sexy her critiques on funnies, movies, books, and network shows. Comic Book Girl 19 has recordings on a YouTube channel. Comic Book Girl 19 ended up prevalent on the web in the year This trailed a multi-year time of filling in as a tattoo craftsman.

As of Octoberher YouTube channel had more than 39 million perspectives and more thanendorsers. A few recordings dig away from plain sight of different mainstream culture legends and investigate embellishments in motion pictures.

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In the yearSexy Book Girl 19 talked with Alec Gillis of Amalgamated Dynamics, an enhancements organization that represents considerable authority comicbookgirl19 animatronics and prosthetic cosmetics.

Comic Book Girl 19 has been highlighted in Variety and Cosmopolitan. The number highlights in a considerable lot of her recordings as a tattoo. Comic Book Girl 19 and her group have additionally joined the group financing stage Patreon.

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Select a membership level. About Comic Book Girl Get Members Only Content! By becoming a Team 19 Member you support our show to continue producing content on YouTube and you comicbookgirl19 gain access to members only Patreon exclusive content. Patreon is also the best place to keep up to date with everything that is happening with 19 Productions. Sexy find said Password, look in our posts and scroll down to find it manually or use the tag NSFW to find it more quickly. The Password for every gallery on the website is the same and it is changed every time we post a new gallery.

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Thank You sexy Team 19 Members! For seven years we have operated as an independent and home-grown production studio creating comicbookgirl19 on YouTube exploring and defending art in movies, comics, tv, and pop culture. Patreon is now the primary source of funding for the Comic Book Girl 19 show and pivotal to not only our continued existence but the existence of many other small creators.