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This is not something the bellas nude you can sign up for and quit a month later, you really have to commit and be loyal.

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What is Cincinbear Its hard pics put into words. Like this pic, i get off at her short torso and fap to how i imagine her tits would look like, free of those little pathetic straps of fibre. I'm assuming that since twitch is her main source of income, theres np reason to risk it being more NSFW as it's against twitch's ToS and she could lose her account.

Subject: With regards to CinCinBear pictures and other digital media Various violations of Intellectual Property and Copyright Laws. Our legal team has notified us, that this does not have to go on any further than it already has. If you have any questions about the legality of this matter, or wish to communicate with patreon Cinthya or myself directly, we will gladly comply.

Thank you! In addition this post is a violation of my personal content patreon includes lewd pictures which I do not and have not consented to be used or posted publicly online. It is a form of degrading slander, as well as a violation of various Intellectual Cincinbear and Copyright Laws. Err, this image was posted publicly by her on her Twitter account, so your complaint about consent about its posting is null and void.

Your pics is null and void girls get naked fighting the complaint wasn't about the picture on her twitter account.

It was about the patreon pictures which are part of a business and are protected under DMCA. Except this post was from her Twitter account, not her patreon and is still up BTW.

The threats made on this thread are not for some other post but this one.

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Thus again the complaint is as yours is completely irrelevant. Check your facts before speaking in future. Then why is someone talking about a dominatrix theme when she hasn't posted any pictures of that from her patreon on her twitter.

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Besides, why does it matter? The complaint is for any digital media that is copyrighted. Doesn't matter which post it is on. Some fan. Go look on her Twitter right now, select media and scroll down until you see her in a little black number with her back to the camera with a whip present in a room filled with what looks like silver pillows. Shouldn't take you b cup tits gif long.

Now that you've done that, go take a real long hard look at the tos of twitter. The part where it talks about copyright and licencing. You will likely find that, as with YouTube and Facebook as well as others, when you post to them you give up some or all rights to patreon work. The reason for this is partly so that they can monetise it without having to negotiate cincinbear item, or in the case of Facebook, throw it together into one of those your year on Facebook vids they do.

Look I get pics wants to have the maximum return on her patreon pics, I don't have any issue with that, though the pseudo legal language on that threat is cringe.


I can respect someone trying to make an extra buck or two doing what she does. Truly, more power to her. I fully understand and support her desire to protect those images and her income.

But posting that threat against people here for reposting her own publicly available twitter pics is beyond retarded. Idiot, I just said in previous posts I wasn't talking about twitter. I was talking about the patreon pics.

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The one she posted on twitter isn't from her patreon set she sells. I should know because I'm a patreon and that picture isn't included. Again, I repeat It was about all media from patreon. Says the guy arguing about something he knows nothing about. The threat, whilst it may have been intended for a specific set, was not posted in a thread with anything other than a twitter pic.

The threat, as read is directed at this thread and the content of the post itself. Which was again, a twitter pic only.

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DMCA complaints are done on an per item basis - infringing material is discovered and then deleted as per the pics. You can get site cincinbear orders if you're loaded, have a court order and are not retarded. But a takedown notice like this is a one shot deal.

It wasn't until about a week after this all happened that the patreon pics even dropped, at which point laughing boy here finally hit the target in that thread with a copy of this very threat. Free desi masala was taken down shortly thereafter as per the law. That second shot was legit. Which is why nobody said a damned word. This patreon was not for the reasons already given.