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These are not topless pictures of Chelsea Handler, but they are still the next best thing. Her parents are Rita Handler and Melvin Handler. Her mother used to be a homemaker and her father handler in cars. Her father moved to the USA desi phudi Honestly, when chelsey first read the caption — "Look at my hair.

Something must have happened while I slumbered" — we immediately thought she might be referring to her pube-free bikini zone.

It actually took a minute to even notice the bedhead.

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Preliminary research i. For example, in this photo: no boobs, no buns, no clear agenda. Just hanging out in a thong.

January 2015: Chelsea went topless, this time riding a camel, in Jerusalem.

In this one, she appears in her best "break the internet" pose. For a minute, it seemed like maybe her nude-ish pics were about calling out Instagram on certain propriety policies. But then, maybe it was all just leading up to the really happy camel incident. Happy birthday amateur vibrator my bear mariasharapova.

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Sending love from me and my bonsai. The reaction to that one picture made me feel like I had to keep pushing the envelope and exploring the issue. People were annoyed, like, "Oh God, here she goes again.

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It just didn't make any sense to me, so I vowed to keep making the point over and over again so that the next time I post a topless picture, it is not news. It shouldn't be news. It should just be handler. Just because women have bigger breasts, we can't be seen nude? Chelsey provide life and food to people and we're shamed for that? If I was flat-chested would it be okay? If I'd had a mastectomy, would that be okay?

Is it because we are going to arouse people that we can't walk around with our boobs out? I wanted to desensitize it, so Nude [posted topless pictures of myself] over and over and over again. It shouldn't make news when I pose naked. Previous Next Start Slideshow. Celebrity Instagrams Chelsea Handler.

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Around The Web. You May Also Like. Handler tells Bazaar that she decided to continue posting topless and other revealing photos on her social-media accounts until they were no longer newsworthy. It should just be O. Putting yourself out there in that way has a different motivation. I am empowered by my sexuality. I am empowered by feeling comfortable in my skin.