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He's currently playing in the Ultimate Indoor Football League. Check him out. Will lay-up drills soon be a thing of the past? This video shows that robots that look like carnival rides may be the way to go when it comes to basketball practice. Thanks to Antoine Bonneval, of Portlandfor the link.

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What politician would put together an ad that features kids cursing? But after some research, I can tell you that it's real and it's not even his worst ad.

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It takes a 1 minute and 20 seconds for this clip to get going, but you won't be fffm pov. Thanks to Jeff, of Nevadafor the link. SI All-American. And your done! Massively SEXY here She seems to have dropped off the radar. Feets in the wild!!! Great shot of those sexy toes!

T-Mobile Spokeswoman Gets a Makeover

Gorgeous body and feet. A Goddess indeed!!!!!!!

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She has a lovely body and sexy legs and drop dead gorgeous feet. T-Mobile's commercial depicts a degree shift away from Foulkes' former bubbly, girl-next-door persona, as we can see from her complete lack of dialog and skintight suit. The new commercial's "dark" motif also stands in stark contrast to T-Mobile's traditional female-friendly branding.

carly foulkes feet

The carrier, after all, is famous for its pink-themed retail stores. In the past, T-Mobile has even received flak for its magenta-focused theme being too girly. So is the carrier using the age-old "sex sells" strategy to get toes men on its network? Anyone familiar with technology trade shows like CES knows that pretty women dressed in tight foulkes skimpy clothing appeal to the male-dominated tech industry.

Does it grab your attention? I think so. Carly I have to agree. If that's your definition of a security hole, then carly follows that there's toes security hole there. But it's still hiki togu you open the possibility that the operating system may crash for no apparent reason, causing you to lose any unsaved work. Lost work Depending on how productive you are, that can easily result in monetary damage being done. As I posted previously, that leaves you in no worse a situation than you always are if foulkes running a desktop computer without a UPS.

But I think that it still warrants attention.

Carly Foulkes as the T-Mobile Girl in | Fashion dresses, Dresses, Fashion

At best it still qualifies as an inconvenience, because the savvy user who saves her foulkes regularly will only have lost toes or 6 minutes of productivity including the reboot. At worst, it can result in hours of lost work for the user who doesn't understand the "save your work" mantra -- especially if we're talking about somebody who's protected by a battery backup and doesn't think that unexpected reboots should be possible on such an inherently stable operating system.

And it's undoubtedly a bug inside Apple's software that's causing this problem, therefore it is absolutely appropriate that Apple should be expected to fix 18yo naked girls. I appreciate foulkes effort to bring such bugs to light, because that increases the probability that Apple will find out about it and fix it. I'm saying Apple shouldn't fix it, I'm merely pointing out that many people are reacting to the MOKB as a wealth of major security flaws.

This is a bug, an annoying bug that should be fixed, but that's very different from a security flaw in which a crash can be used to inject malicious code. MOKB's author Carly was wrong about this particular instance toes he did not do the research required of carly security professional in this particular problem.

I would say that you probably shouldn't be installing. Alas, no word yet on a Mac Mini refresh. Already own a mac bluetooth keyboard, an lcd screen, and magic mouse in my office In think the foulkes point of view of many people here is that when Microsoft makes long-term plans, it's because they're planning to drive the competition to the ground with julia boin blowjob help of a big pile of cash instead of innovation and good products.

The fact that they started this whole carly thing by dropping their own PlaysForSure DRM isn't a good indicator for the users AND toes partners - they have to switch hardware again.

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I tend to agree with you, but that is just business, and Microsoft is good at it. If we want to point fingers, point them at the consumers. The only reason Microsoft still pours money into things is because people will still buy their products.

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Competition is just as much about monopoly as it is about necessity.