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Main tujhe blouse khol ke dikhati hoon. With a trembling hand Neeraj did so. Namrata immediately pulled out the brassiere and threw it on the floor. Neeraj gaped at the pair of beautiful tits that lay before him.

They were big and firm. They were dark like the rest of her body.

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The nipples were big and looked stiff. T girl webcam felt hard like he had never before felt. Till now Neeraj had always thought of his mother simply as a mother and nothing else but now for the first time he realized that his mother was also a sensuous woman. His hand almost trembled with excitement as his hand caressed her breast. Inside his mind, his conscience told him theback40foot what was happening was sinful and wrong but like his mother he also was too aroused to care for the voice of conscience.

However, he felt scared about his father waking up and finding them like this. However Ashok usually slept like a log and so the likelihood of his waking up was low. Her younger son Rajesh too was a deep sleeper.

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Moreover, she was too turned on sex stop what they were doing. Tere papa raat ko ek baar sote hain, to phir seedha subah ko hi uthte hain. Aur tera chhota bhai bhi waisa hee hai. Now they both knew that they wanted each other. Namrata also was beginning to feel impatient. She then unzipped his trousers and pushed them down towards his ankles. Namrata eagerly pushed them down. Lovingly she took it into her hands and stroked it softly and gently. She didnt want him to ejaculate at this stood up near the bed and pulled down the sari.

She actress undid the knot of her petticoat and sona it fall around her ankles on the floor. She also took off stories already open blouse and threw it on the floor.

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It looked beautiful and he yearned to touch it. After stepping out of her panties, Namrata helped her son undress totally. As they opened their mouths and their tongues met, the mother and son both felt excited in a way they had never felt before.

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After this kiss, Neeraj stopped feeling inhibited. Namrata no longer had to give him instructions. Spontaneously he explored every part of her body. He planted kisses all over her face, then went down and hungrily sucked her breasts.

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Namrata moaned as he fondled, tickled, suckled and caressed her breasts. In hothon pe nahin, neeche stories hothon pe puppy sona mujhe. He paused for some time after putting his face close to her cunt. His mother had musky smell down there and he found the smell terribly exciting. That time he sex found it disgusting but now that act danny mountain porn movies so beautiful and natural. Soon the excitement became unbearable and Namrata realized that she actress her son inside her now.

They looked at each other for some time and then Neeraj began to enter her. He fumbled due to inexperience and Namarata helped him enter herself. But Neeraj immediately withdrew himself out.

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