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Divorced, thre children, new desi porn girl and two boy. Perfect English, talked and phoned on Hangouts and after four months and a strange story of an explosion at accra place, he ended scammer saying he not access his bank account and would I do it on his behalf.

I refused. One month on, after a long story, he said he needed 5, dollars. Pictures other lady has contacted this man? I am so sorry for the poor lovely man in the pictures, who problably does not know his pics have been stolen and used for this criminal purpose. Fortunately, I gave him no money, but the disappointment stayed. I think im now on the scammers hit list.

Kept asking me if i love him. I was like hell no you idiot. Mike Poll, Dell Mike, Castro Michael Erving i found him all over the internet as one of the biggest faces used to scam. Yep another one. Hit me on facebook. We were chatting for 3 months. He said he is a military soldier from the U. He said ghana had 1 daughter, in the military body school because his late wife died of cancer. He said he is in Afghanastan, kabul on a peace keeping mission.

Photos and names used by scammers in romance scams

He was so sweet with his words etc he gave me a new york number to call him on, which i only spoke twice to him. Towards the end of the 3 months he said he had 2 million usd dollars sitting in the cimb banking in islam, that his money was sitting in dormant and that he need to move his fund scammer.

He sent me the cheque and the statement by screenshot in hangouts. He asked me to ghana the person taking care of his account. He wanted me to pay 5, in australian dollars into an account namely Cheryl kee. Who resides in Texas.

He sent me her new mexico license. Because i was not convinced. When i was sent her banking detail and the bank she was with. I googled the bank, which that was correct.

But then i said to him, how is sending the money to a person in texas is going to release his funds from all the way in islam??? This point i was not buying into this. Then i decided to search him up on facebook. To my shock he had a 5 or 6 accounts ghana that name which still exists.

He was being very persistent and rude as to when i was going to pay for the funds. He wanted me to pay for is so he can put that money into my account so i can buy a house etc before he came here to Australia.

He wanted to get married, buy a house and we both were to travel back to usa to get his daughter. Unfourtunetely scammer i didnt pay for the fund. He now has gone to another person. In my experience least i gave him no cash, but in all honesty before the whole money situation i thought he was to good to be true. Want to know if anyone recognizes scammer man or has heard his name. Does anyone know this guy. Met him on dating site and he has now conveniently had to leave scammer country for a few months for business.

Instincts say he is fake but would like to know if anyone has been in touch with him. Does anyone have any experience with scammers on Plenty of Fish? I have been contacted in there by a guy named Christian from Lille in France who looks and seems too good to be accra. Claims he is 44, Widowed, with a 6 year old daughter. Says he is looking for a Woman to love and a Mother for his daughter. Speaks german I am Germanbut sometimes his pictures is better than other times. Claims to be French with Italian Roots, but when asked to write accra something in french, he has made a terrible error that no Native french Person would make.

I have tried Reverse Image Search in his pics but no success. Here are his pics:. He calls himself Adrian Humberto Rivera and claims to be stationed in Italy on a secret mission. Very charming and sweet, uses google voice phone number. He will be in love with you a week later. Spoke on phone only once, had an accent. He wants to chat on hangout. Similar story he gave me was on federal trade Commission consumer website.

Pictures talking about financial issues and was blocked. Ladies if man, claiming to be Alex Feavelen or Johnny Feavelen, do not accept. The man you will be talking to you is not the real Johnny Feavelen.

The photos he is using are of the real Johnny Feavelen, who is a real Captain of a cruise ship. They were stolen for the sole purpose pictures scamming.

A handsome man called Benni Riasi contacted me Speaky. He claimed to be Italian, living in NJ. One child. Talked about going to develop a project on an oil rig. Perfect English, talked and phoned on Hangouts and after two months and a strange story nude bollywood katrina kaif an insurance importation, he ended up saying he not access his bank account and would I do it on his behalf.

I did. This man has ghana profiles in Facebook. He scammed me. I fell in love. He is an expert. He studied you perfectly. He is marine engineer. Anyone recognize this picture? I believe he is a nice guy, but his photos have been stolen and used by a dirt ball who says his name is Richard Lance. Lives in RI, has an 18 year old daughter, and wife died 6 years ago. Currently in Dubai working as a personal investor in oil. Anyone know this innocent man?

I would like to get in pictures with this man because his profile was stolen by a breaking the quiet part 2 hentai name Aaron Pobleh from Liberia. Another picture of an innocent man hacked by Aaron Pobleh.

He tried to get me to transfer money from his personal account to another account in order to purchase pictures for his project with an oil rig. Got to know him on social media. First tried to buy me a few things which I accepted. Nothing went wrong with those. Says he owns a business, then business bought him out, then starts 2 new businesses and has no money. I kept asking to meet but he never meets, sweet talks his way out of it.

Then after he starts pestering me for money. Bought him a gift, he black dd mamba to place it at a pick up place and he would get someone to pick it up for him. Then asked me to transfer money. Then he admitted a couple of days ago he led me on and now has blocked me and stopped contacting me and ignored my messages. This profile is being used to request steamcards from me.

And wanting to use my bank account to put money in. This accra was used by romance scammers. He says he is an engineer and has a rich family who left him the engineering business. He is very good at sweet talking and has promised to meet in person many times, but only with excuses every time. He has provided copies of his passports which was photoshopped. Becareful of anyone using this photo. It may be a different name scammer. He is traveling for business, jewelry sales. Now in Anushka sex photos com. Someone else knows him?

Yes he is trying to scam me right now. He is going by the name Joel Calvino. He saying he is stuck in an oil rigg in Bahrain and needs money because his assets are frozen. He says he has a 15 year old daughter and she is NY with the nanny. Do you recognize this pic??? I did my research with success!!! This guy thay says his name is Frederic Lemarchal, uses too the ghana of Maurice Ducharme…BUT he pictures all lovely pics from argentine actor named Juan Soler, extremely handsome that has a beautiful family!!! Please be aware and avoid all contact!!!

This Man claims to be a US soldier contacted me by a ghana page. He asked me for my number and wrote to the whatsapp but from the beginning I had a suspicion because the number was from Nigeria. I followed his game and 1 day after talking accra already loved me. All of this seemed even ghana and I started investigating and found cases of Nigerian scam. He xxx games for android me photos every day.

I looked for it on instagram accra got your profile and there are the photos that I send and they are from and I have tried to contact the real one to tell him that they accra using his identity to scam.

And his picture is distorted but I recognized him anyway con artist. He claims his name is mark from the Caribbean. He uses james yates pictures pretending to be him. He scammer on loving singles too. Said he is Greek American but on skype audio he sounds Jamaican or African.

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Repeatedly comes up with excuses when I request a video chat. I told him he sounds Caribbean. Do you have a problem with it? Your white in your photo! Frank Lee Scammer which is his same name in Facebook should also be added to this list. He said he is working in Exxon Mobil in the US. This is sandra kim I believe she is a real US army soldier. Someone has stolen her photos and is using them to scam people app. I need to know if anyone has encountered a Hawaiian man named ryan. Please if anyone has info please reply idk if the pictures downloaded he also uses a photo of him and a young hawaiian ghana says it is his neice.

I spoke to a supposed Doctor of the United Nations for eight months. Widowed for 2 years with a year-old son. He sent me multiple pictures of him and his son.

Even letters from his accra. I am a nurse and on several occasions in our exchanges I have tried to question him on medical issues, to trap him. Unfortunately, they are professionals, who know how to bring us down… He would call me or text me at all hours of the day and even at night. I hardly slept, I was isolated from my friends and family. So they managed to rip me off for 75, When I discovered and opened my eyes and realized that I lost everything, there was nothing but shame in me. I could only see one way out ghana pay back to those who had lent me money, which was to commit suicide… I was about to act and a friend, understood my distress arrived just at the right time.

I declared personal bankruptcy to get by financially and consulted a psychologist to rebuild college party orgy and believe that I am a good person again.

Hang in there Nathalie, There is many of us out here fighting to make sure this does not happen to any one else. We need people like you with the experience so we can stop this scumbags. Keep on fighting with us!! He scammer by the name of Mason Accra. He found me on Insta then moved to hangouts, talked 3 months. He says to be a soldier on deployment in Yemen. After 2 months he got shot and pictures to have a surgery.

Texted with his 15 years old son Clayton and army friend Luke Hindman. Asked several times pictures money. I would like to get in touch with this man because his profile was stolen. Definately someone is using this photo. I lost all my family to an auto crash which claimed the lives of about 16 people on transit. Eventually he wanted to send his luggage to my home he asked my address and phone number so I refused to do it and told him that looks scamming, then he disappeared.

That scammer never suzu ichinose tube to to video call but voice call. I hope no one get scammed or let them know the personal information or send money. This guy is back on pof in Chicagoland area. Scammer using someone else pictures! I have been scammed by this man, you will scammer find him dressed head to toe ghana designer clothes but he buys these by making up sob stories and then say he has lots his bank card so stupid people like me give him money.

Apparently he has his own business in Canada, you will find him on the dating site Bumble. He is based in London but he spends a lot of time in birmingham. Uses photos of porn queen. Natalia Starr. Uses phone numberEmail, sandrallet00 gmail. Need ghana know if the one posing as the guy in the pics is really the one in the pics. Met on pof. He has since deleted his account. Says hes in the army and currently in Lebanon on deployment riley reid daughter swap will be back in the states in December.

He also asked to send a Google play card and got huffy when I said no. Goes by Brian Scott. Wanted to message on kik and his id on there is gahbrian. I have one that introduced me to kik, bt works in construction. He first asked for itunes, then steam card.

He says he is from Denmark, has an accent, claims to live in Florida,a widowed, no children, no parents wants money to get equipment sent to rig oil. Sort of resembles this guy. Salt and pepper hair, beard, glasses. Trying to upload a picture. Goes by Charles Myer, 44, living in Colorado? With a Colorado phone number. Strong French accent. Works in oil contracts? Loaned him money to help him get home from South Africa. Scammed me by depositing fake checks into my account.

My dumb ass wire transferred the money out, then the bank reported the checks, they were flagged as fake. Talked for a year before it went this far. Please avoid this man. Very smooth talker. Claims he is a construction engineer and owns Turner company from Dallas.

Has two kids and widower. His name is Eden William. This man claims his name is Lloyd Mcclin and is special forces in the Army in Israel. He gets mean when accra refuse to send an IPhoneX. Otherwise he constantly professes his love. Bad grammar. Has Semper Fidelis tatoo on thigh.

Poor grammar, professes love almost immediately. Stopped writing when called out on long cecilia vega nude in Army. I want to help others not to fall victim of this individual and start circulating his images on the internet to warn other potential victims. Will ask for a phone or money sent in a form of gift cards his favorite are Steam cards. Hello, I think i scammer have been scammed by someone in Nigeria.

Do you really think people will believe that a company which you say recovered pictures that money for you works out of a gmail address? Profile JOIN. Accra in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Accra Ghana Dating Scam? Watch this Topic.

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Browse forums All Browse by destination. Ghana forums. All forums. Serena A. Level Contributor. Report inappropriate content. Related: What are the most popular tours in Ghana? Even I was surprised to learn this. Last year the US authorities nabbed one of the biggest "nigerian scammer scammers piper perabo nude pics. He was a very unassuming American man in his 60s.

My point is; dont let it put you off or scare you away from finding love or whatever. Its fairly common around the whole world. It wont stop tmrw.

Just be smart and keep your money. Profile Sign in. Log in to get trip updates and accra other travellers. Is it a scam or is she 4 pictures. Watch this Topic. Browse forums All Browse by destination. Please also accra important information on Financial Scams. Footer Disclaimer This is the official website of the U. Embassy in Ghana. External links to other Internet sites should not be construed as an endorsement of the views or privacy policies contained therein.

Four Corners. Photo: Kweiku is scammer aspiring entrepreneur. Photo: He sells perfume on the streets of Accra. Photo: He also pictures as a US soldier online to scam women on dating sites. Photo: Young men, known as cafe boys or browsers, trawl the internet looking ghana 'clients' in ghana internet cafe on the outskirts of Accra. Photo: Nana Agradaa uses her powers to help a scammer. Top Stories Live: Firefighters injured, homes destroyed on Sydney's outskirts as temperatures soar past 41C Live: Donald Trump impeached for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress Trump has been impeached.

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